Resident Evil 6: Why I Love The Survival Horror of Yesteryear

WC - This article contains admiration of explicit old-fashioned survival horror.

The setting is now a cliché, no? Abandoned mansions, towns cloaked in a dense fog and rural villages under the influence of an abominable cult – we know these settings well and take them for granted in today’s market of ‘over the shoulder horror’ pumped to the eye sockets with sprinting zombies and a Schwarzeneggeresque bias towards action. That is why, as millions tore off the cellophane wrapped packaging of Resident Evil 6 with itchy trigger fingers, I rejected the current crop of action horror and instead blew the dust off my old copy of the Resident Evil REmake, dimmed the lights in my bedroom and returned to the Spencer Mansion, one of the genre’s beautiful clichés.

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ritsuka6662177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I just hope Crapcom looks at these mediocre reception of RE6 and finally understands that the majority want their old Resident back. Go back to what we all fell in love with. PUZZLES and more scare tactics.