8 Lamest Online Gaming Communities

WC - Anyone who has ever played an online game in recorded humanity will have at one point or another come across an online community that just does no favours for itself, or online gaming in general. Whether it’s players glitching, cheating, or simply being petulant, annoying scumbags, there’s plenty of ways the human experience – which is ironically supposed to make gaming more socially acceptable and “healthy” – can often be the worst part of jumping online. Here are 8 online gaming communities that we’ve suffered through, hampering our enjoyment of otherwise thoroughly entertaining games.

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GeisT2181d ago

I thought for sure I'd see DOTA 1 or 2 on there, It's pretty bad trust me. #1 is battlefield community imo, the nerd legions spamming down votes on every COD related story should merit a first place here. Halo is way worse than CoD on every community level. I would know since I played them both since Halo 1 and CoD 2.

pandehz2181d ago

Battlefield community is pretty decent.

Jokes on the battlefield, actual strategy chatter n such.

Once in a while you see someone write 'you're a M16A3 noob' and thats when I know its a COD player lmao