Sony Ripping Off Super Smash Bros.?

Sony is taking a play out of Nintendo's playbook, but will it be enough to push them back up to where they need to be?

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GribbleGrunger2179d ago

'Let’s be honest with ourselves right now, Sony is a tad bit late to this party'

The irony almost made me fall off my seat.

JoGam2179d ago

Well I think its going to do well over the course of its life time.

GribbleGrunger2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Agreed, and the irony is that this article is a tad late to the party. Let's hope that it's reviewed in it's own rights. The second irony will be that, if the reviewers do as I think they may, they'll reduce the score because it ISN'T like the game they compared it to!

Fishy Fingers2179d ago

Pretty funny isnt it. Still, rantgaming is a joke of a site, even by N4Gs standards.

MaxXAttaxX2178d ago

The article is one paragraph long. Most pointless read of the week... *sigh*

Thirty3Three2179d ago

You could not be more wrong. Relating this to Smash is like relating Halo 4 to Battlefield: Warfare. Just because this game is a 4p-side-scrolling fighting game, doesn't make it a "clone". That's like calling Halo 4 a clone of Black Ops because they're both 1st-person shooters.

LX-General-Kaos2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

This looks to be a direct clone of smash bros, but in the end of the day others get to enjoy Nintendo's successful awarding concept. So it's not really a bad thing. The only thing that confuses me is that there are some that won't admit that it was extremely heavily inspired by smash bros. It is pretty much the exact same game with a set of Sony characters instead of Nintendo.

If this is not a direct clone of a game then I dont know what is. There is a difference between a game developed in the same genre, and a game developed in the same exact format as another.

Rated E For Everyone

MaxXAttaxX2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Except it's not "the same exact format".
Sure there are influences from SSB, just like there are some minor influences from other games as well as elements from first-party PlayStation games that shape the game both mechanically and thematically. But if you tried playing Battle Royale the same way as SSB you'd get nowhere.

You people judge it simply by the way it looks. 4 player brawler with first-party characters and that's it. So yes, it does fall within the same exact genre, but not a "direct clone" as you call it.

As someone who actually plays both I can tell you that the mechanics, rules, moves and combo system are different.

SSB is 'king of the hill' gameplay. Battle Royale is not.

Hicken2178d ago

"This looks to be a direct clone of smash bros..."


No, really. Stop.

I'm going to try and say this politely: WTF? We've spent the entire summer here at N4G, debating about how PSAS IS or ISN'T a clone; it's been established- by people that have actually put their hands on the game(like myself), instead of people making shit up(like you)- that it's only a "clone" on the basest level: it's a four-person brawler on a 2-D platforming setup.

A dozen other games in the vein that you're not calling a clone, including games that are FAR more of a clone.

Aren't you tired of spewing such BS?

The guys who MADE the damn game said they were inspired by SSB. But it's not a clone in the slightest. If you were less of a fanboy and played games instead of your preferred company, you might have known that.

Usually, I just disregard your comments, or see them as mildly funny. But THIS crap... not one of your best efforts. Bubbles down.

HarryMasonHerpderp2178d ago

I totally agree.
The Nintendo PR comments are getting very boring now and it amazes me how someone who talks so much garbage has 7 bubbles.

As for All Stars being a "clone" why don't you do a little more research and actually play the game before making such a flamebait, ill informed comment?

Ben_Grimm2176d ago

All I can say to this is you have some nerve Hicken.

Yes, it has been established that PSAS is very heavily inspired by SSB and shouldn't be called a clone but to sit there and call LX a fanboy when you flatout have admitted your utter bias towards other game systems and your scary devotion when it comes to Sony is sickning.

And I find it funny when you state things like making sh*t up when you have been caught making sh*t up about how the WiiU controller wouldn't feel comfortable in your hands.

Blankman852179d ago

Really? We are still on this?

Raoh2178d ago

Sadly it seems so.

A hurricane just hit but sadly horrible blog sites that should actually be nothing more than a forum posts still have power and are able to write nonsense.

Vengeance11382179d ago

Since when does Smash Bros use 3 tiers of Supers to score points with every changing backgrounds from a mashup of games that can actually harm you, as well as picking up weapons from other game franchises?

News to me!

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