GTA V sexy release artwork - about that

GTA V's release announcement is music to the ears, but what about that release window announcement artwork.

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josephayal2179d ago

looks like GTA San Andreas 2

TreMillz2178d ago

uuuuhhhh....that supposed to be a bad thing?

GreenRanger2179d ago

She's only sexy if you like women with Randy Orton's face.

OneAboveAll2179d ago

O RLY because she looks a lot more like Yvonne Strahovski to me.

GreenRanger2179d ago

@ OneAboveAll
Nope, she definitely looks more like Randy Orton.

-Mika-2179d ago

She looks like a man. I think we all can agree that she is the least attractive cover girl in a GTA game. Their artist totally dropped the ball on this one.

Monkeycan82179d ago

The pic of the girl getting arrested is better

PshycoNinja2179d ago

Yes because a 13 year old girl with pink hair is WAAYYY more attractive. /s

Omegabalmung2179d ago

Kinda looks like Yvonne Strahovski to me.

MattyG2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

She kinda looks like Jennifer Lopez at first glance. Also, poo.

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The story is too old to be commented.