Gamesradar- New Super Mario Bros U Preview: 8 Ways it’s just like Super Mario World

Gamesradar- It’s harder to find bigger Mario fans than us, but after August’s New Super Mario Bros 2, it felt like we could really use a little break from Mario’s platforming. Fast forward two months to when we’ve played more than half of the upcoming New Super Mario Bros U and are dying to finish it. Why are we so sold on the Wii U launch game? Because of our endless love for Super Mario World.

After beating the first five worlds, we couldn’t help but notice all the lessons New Super Mario Bros U learned from Super Mario World. Beyond surface level references, NSMBU is a tribute to what’s great about the SNES original.

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jmc88882203d ago

Not having played a Mario game since Mario 64, I am for one glad they are launching one with the Wii U. Super Mario World was a great game.

There's going to be a lot of hardcore gamers that are going to pick up a Wii U. I can sort of see and understand the youth that grew up from teenagers to early twenties not seeing Nintendo as anything but a kiddie game maker, but for those old enough to have gamed on the NES and SNES when Nintendo WAS considered as hardcore as anyone else, having an HD system with hardcore capabilities will draw us gamers in our early 30's (and perhaps late 20's) back into the fold.

Lack of HD (especially to those that had HDTV's and HD PC's for years) and hardcore titles did keep us back from getting earlier systems. Even then I was close a couple of times from picking up a Wii.

Our knowledge of Nintendo goes beyond just what the perception has been the last 10 or so years. So seeing hardcore titles, first party greatness, HD, and the controller should be an easy sell for us gamers born in the late 70's to mid 80's. Hell at this point it makes a lot of sense too since my age group has or is having children so it fits in really well for the whole family. Not me personally, but overall speaking.

Can't wait to get me some 1st party Nintendo titles, as well as great versions of hardcore titles like CoD Blops2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. Will still be getting AC3 on PC, but if I didn't have a powerful computer, I'd get it on the Wii U without hesitation.

MrSmith2203d ago

I wonder if the Chargin' Chuck enemy is going to make a return in this one.