WWE '13 Review (Strategy Informer)

From "THQ doesn't know what to do with its WWE license. Last year's overhaul looked to be setting the franchise on a new road to glory. While refreshing, WWE '12 suffered from minor irritations and a lack of worthwhile content. The focus for this year's title should have been simple".

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2pacalypsenow2180d ago

kinda crappy they sensor Austins middle finger, and road doggs song part where he says "well your ass better call somebody"

Captain Qwark 92179d ago

it could use more blood too and more environmental interaction and backstage areas. other than that its golden though, the in ring fighting is def the best its ever been. plays so smooth. best wwe game since 2007 imo

2pacalypsenow2179d ago

Yeah im enjoying it but the RAw is war arena is wrong they use the 1998-1999 (without the wwf logo) for the 1997 ones it didn't have the 2 metal beams. but just small details