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GamesRadar: "Liberation is definitely a bite-sized Assassin's Creed in more regards than just its price of admission. Aveline's a great character, but she's given too dim a spotlight. The gameplay feels right and contains most of the core tenets of what makes us love this series so much, but the whole experience is wrapped around a disjointed frame that's almost as off-putting as it is inviting. Die hard series fans and Vita loyalists will find some enjoyment here, to be sure, but Liberation's all over the place--and only some of those places hit the right notes."

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etownone2183d ago

That's a shame, I really wanted this game to be the reason to push me to buy a Vita.

Guess I'm gonna hold off a little longer for better games to come out.

DrDeath2183d ago

The opening paragraph says it all.... unfortunately :( Exchanged my copy for Need for Speed. Which is enjoyable but also kinda boring. its alright. both blown way outta proportion i think.

shammgod2182d ago

Hmmm, I call BS on this.

Kingthrash3602183d ago

I own it playing it right now...... U shoulda bought it, this review is off. The reason I stopped paying attention to vita reviewers is they ALWAYS compare it to consoles. They never compare it to handhelds, while I understand no hand held can compare how fair is it to compare it to consoles? This game is small u know just like a hand held, its only 2 gigs. While ac 3 on consoles are 12+ gigs, that's 6 times bigger. It doesn't matter what specs the vita has if u don't have the memory then it not comparable. Simple and plain. I've had handhelds since game boy the never compared them to consoles why now idk. It's the best handheld ac ever very fun, very ac, very big, controls are great that's all that should matter.......