25 Games you Cannot Afford to Miss in 2013

Freakify | 2013 TOP 25 GAMES you cannot afford to MISS is a massive collection of latest games and their release dates. Images depict the great passion required to play them. 2012 had been a great year for gamers and up until now 2013 also looks to be no less than an epic year for gamers worldwide, thanks to the promised releases of some great games. We today have compiled a great list of 25 highly anticipated upcoming games that you simply cannot afford to miss in 2013. Each of the games is reviewed to anticipate what you are about to enjoy in near future.

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I dont get this list, torchlight 2 , borderlands 2 and resident evil 6 are "upcoming releases" ?

mrahmadawais2270d ago

No they are told to be the TOP Games of 2013. This post is a prediction, and the author is sharing his reviews with us.


But it says upcoming in the article

mrahmadawais2269d ago

By the minor edits have been done. Article updated.

jghvhv2269d ago

Some of these games are 2012 and are released already or will be released in the next few weeks.Anyway the only game I want next year is Disgaea D2.OK I want a few others as well but mostly that.

LOGICWINS2269d ago

I already know what my future purchases will be:

Deadly Premonition Director's Cut
Bioshock Infinite
Until Dawn
Persona 5
Yakuza 5
Infamous 3
Killzone 4

spike2268d ago

GTA 5 and Bioshock Infinite for me. I ain't falling for Killzone no more. Part 3 sucked.

unchartedxplorer2268d ago

GTA V and the last of us definitely.

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