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Much like the release of Wii Sports Resort in 2009, Sports Champions 2 is the sequel to a game that came free when you purchased a motion device (Wii Sports with the Wii, Sports Champions with the PlayStation Move). This time around, it brings along 6 sports - skiing, tennis, boxing, bowling, golf, and archery - for you and some friends to play around with.

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rolandfurious2183d ago

The should just concentrate on releasing a full-length adventure game based solely around Archery.

TrendyGamers2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

They had Deadmund's Quest, which is kind of similar to it.

LOGICWINS2183d ago

I'd buy that...AND a game fully centered around tennis!

Wh15ky2182d ago

And a game fully concentrated around gladiator duel.

BringingTheThunder2183d ago

is this the only move game this holiday (besides need for speed)?

Dante1122183d ago

@ Bringing

I think so. Need for Speed and Sports Champions 2.

GribbleGrunger2183d ago

Okami and Unfinished Swan shoud also be mentioned here. Perhaps even Wonderbook and LBPKarting (which uses the new steering wheel peripheral)

BitbyDeath2183d ago

Will be trying this out with mates this weekend, can't wait

Relientk772180d ago

Looks like it can be fun