Aliens: Colonial Marines' Xenomorphic perspective and Wii U potential

In developing the canonical sequel to James Cameron's Aliens, Gearbox Software feels the naturally extended duration of a video game allows for a deeper narrative than what is found in films.

"We get ten-plus hours to tell our story. We can go way more in depth and in more directions on really delivering the next chapter in the Aliens saga," Gearbox Software design director John Mulkey told Joystiq during a demo of the studio's upcoming shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines at New York Comic-Con.

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YoungPlex2176d ago

"This is the best controller Nintendo's ever made for making an FPS," Pitchford told Joystiq. "This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games."

I'm sure it is! I'm getting more and more excited as the time draws near. Both GearBox and Ubisoft are saying that the Wii U Gamepad functionality, is truly revolutionary and indeed hardcore. I just don't understand how some people "Hardcore Gamers", aren't able to understand how revolutionary the Wii U Gamepad truly is... Oh well, their loss not mine! Approximately 18 more days I can't wait!

jmc88882176d ago

I'm a hardcore gamer, but also a gamer. Overall no matter what the category is, there are idiots that belong to that category.

I just don't understand what people are having a hard time figuring out. It's got virtually the same layout as any other 'pro' controller. Just the thumbstick above instead of below.

So really the only difference is that it's wider and has a screen. Oh it's rectangle-ish instead of contoured like a boomerang.

It's not difficult to understand that it's fully capable.

For some reason I feel the hate on the controller is fear that it indeed might be superior. That they may find a need to buy a Nintendo console, and the perception of that is frightening to them. They are trying to deny it might be equal in normal situations, and superior by having the screen and all it brings.

They learned to hate Nintendo because it meant something to them, and now they might have to reevaluate it, and try to find some money to buy a Wii U, and their previous desires a 720 and/or PS4.

That 15-25 or so year old hardcore gamer crowd grew up in a time where Nintendo was seen differently than those older and younger than that. It's a rough estimate, maybe it's 17-27, and of course it's not everybody in that age range. But they were the ones that believed that Nintendo was for kiddies, and don't know any better that it indeed wasn't always that way, and haven't experienced life long enough to know things don't always stay the same. They feel strongly that what they believed was as certain as the sun will rise in the east, and are going to find out that era is over and it's time for a new reality.

Nintendo has focused on the kids and casual gamer more or less the last decade, but that is clearly over.

Some might go kicking and screaming, but that viewpoint is going to change. For gamers like me at 34, who gamed even before the NES existed, it looks like the Wii U is reclaiming a spot at a familiar table frequented by the hardcore gamer.

Sadly I'm holding off opening my Wii U until xmas, so my wait is longer, but it'll be like one of the xmas'es in '87 when I finally got a NES with Super Mario bros, Spy Hunter, and Ikari Warriors. Wow 25 xmas'es later. A good xmas gift to myself.

I'm getting the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines, because this gamepad is exactly what fans of the movies Aliens always wanted as a kid, that dang motion detector. It's a perfect fit for the Wii U gamepad, and got me to pre-order it over the PC version.

herbs2176d ago

jmc8888 you sumed up how I feel better than I did and much more eloquently to :)

Irishguy952176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

I ain't getting the Wii U yet. I'm definitely considering it but i'll just wait until the library is larger. Same thing i'm doing with the Vita. It's what I always do for new console releases actually.

I for one see the controller for what it is. A step up. An extra screen is a good addition if not great to gaming. I'm glad it's not affecting the control itself. We still get all the buttons etc. It's just something extra with a lot of potential.

lilbroRx2176d ago

The thumb stick is above on both. You were correct when you first stated that it has exactly the same layout.

Spot on with the rest though/

YoungPlex2176d ago

Wow dude, nicely said...

jmc88882176d ago

On the thumbstick, I meant above compared to the 360 controller which had it below, I guess I could have worded it better, but indeed that is what I meant.

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DivineAssault 2176d ago

ya, the best controller NINTENDO has ever given them... They didnt say the best controller of all time.. U gotta read in-between the lines.. Im sure this will be one of the games that finally look better than the other multiplats.. I dont care for shooters so i dont really care about it..

Hopefully Bayonetta 2 shows some of what the wii u can do graphically.. All that power it has needs to be put to work already so ppl can see its stronger than current gen.. I just wonder if theyre going to omit certain online features the other versions are getting...

YoungPlex2176d ago

"ya, the best controller NINTENDO has ever given them... They didnt say the best controller of all time.. U gotta read in-between the lines.."

Who's said that it's the, "Best controller of all time"? Nobody said that! Take a look at jmc8888 comment above, I think your the prime example of what he's talking about.

OT: Randy Pitchford obviously sees the great potential the Wii U Gamepad has, and is just excited about it! He NEVER said it's the "Greatest" controller of all time, although it does have the potential to be just that. The brave developers that actually put forth the effort in developing early on for the Wii U, have nothing but great things to say about it in fact, there has NOT been one negative thing said about the Gamepad by any developer to date!

It's nice that you thoughtfully clarified the obvious however, it's not going to change what gamers and developers think. The Wii U Gamepad is truly innovative while maintaining the true essence of a hardcore controller. Obviously you still don't get it and that's okay, not everyone is capable of understanding GREATNESS the moment they see it. Hopefully you'll get it sooner rather than later...

herbs2176d ago

DivineAssault the stupidity and pointlesness of your negative comments always makes me laugh. Just get over your fanboyism buy the Wii U when it comes out and be happy about it :)

herbs2176d ago

I find it hilarious that so many self proclaimed "core" gamers keep stating that the new gamepad is a gimmick and a toy. "Ohh it's soo uncomfortable and too cumbersome for extended play time" (they must have dainty bitch wrists lol) I think these bogus statements have more to do with PS, Xbox fanboys having to wait another 2 years for there next gen consoles when Nintendo fans and gamers that dont give 2 shits about name brands get to start the next generation of gaming in less than a month. Colonial Marines is going to kick all kinds of ass on Wii U mainly because of the gamepad, superior graphics will just be the cherry on top.

Dfooster2176d ago

I don't think "hardcore gamers" are disappointed at the wiiU controller but rather the console itself which will struggle to attract third party publishers once they all move into developing for the Xbox 720 and ps4. Who's going to care about how good a controller is if there are no games to play on it?

Neonridr2176d ago

true, but we still have to see what the actual specs on these new machines will be.. It might be as much of a jump as you think. And I don't see Sony rushing to put out the PS4 anytime soon..

My main gripe is people complain and say that it's uncomfortable or too heavy. The controller weighs 1 lb. You know what weighs more than that? An iPad. But I bet that isn't too heavy to hold. I plan to use a combination of the Gamepad and Pro Controller depending on the game I am playing. But I definitely look forward to games like ZombiU where the Gamepad is essential to the game.

jmc88882176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

The 720/PS4/Wii U won't be massively different from each other.

All three will run the same games. All three will run the same game engines. With the perhaps exclusion of Unreal 4 engine.

Frostbite 2 engine, which runs on the 360/ps3 is what 'next gen' brings. If the 360 can run it, the Wii U can do it.

So no, 3rd party publishers won't be abandoning it, and there will be plenty of games on it.

Why would a 3rd party not publish on a platform capable of publishing it?

A dual GTX 690 isn't a jump from the Wii U. Is it more powerful, yeah, but there's no real tech difference. It's just more powerful. Able to run things at a higher setting, not all new settings and standards besides DX 11.1.

The same will be said of the Wii U. Can't do ultra level textures and effects, but can do high or very high, and last I checked no game doesn't work on a system that can still put out high or very high graphics.

720/PS4 are NOT going to push the bar. They're going to run years old PC tech. So you already know what the power of top end PC gear is, and it's not vastly superior to the Wii U, and the games that run on such a thing like BF3 on Ultra, not only are capable of being played on high or very high, they are capable of being played at LOW on the 360/ps3....utilizing the game engines that will be the core of the next slate of consoles.

GTRrocker6662176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

I hate the lables like "hardcore gamer". So stupid. If you play video games regularly you are a gamer. Do we really need to have sub categories like that? For what purpose? To brag about how much you "game"?.

Jadedz2176d ago

A lot of people confuse it for "matured themed content," which isn't the case.