PlayStation Vita gets a significant price drop after all

We all thought we weren't going to get a price drop in 2012, we fell for it. God job, Sony. Now Sony announced a European price drop out of nothing, which isn't permanent, but still good for a very significant discount. At least until the 31st of december!

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Sanquine902181d ago

WOW that is cheap:( Already bought 2 of them

SandWitch2181d ago

Well, this will be a great opportunity to get a third one :P

chazjamie2181d ago

hmm, and i was on the verge of selling mine. maybe i should hold on to it for a few months. after killzone

mewhy322181d ago

Well Sony had better be doing something to move this thing. Compared to Nintendo's 3ds this thing is dead in the water. Nintendo has dominated the handheld market segment for many years now. I'm not sure anyone can dethrone them at this point.

irepbtown2181d ago

£150 for the Wi-fi only PS Vita?
Now that's what I call cheap. However here in UK with all the VAT and crap that will be added on, it will probably sell for £200.

JoGam2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

For ALL the people living in the closet afraid to get a Vita, here is your chance. Shut up about price, shut up about games. Whats your excuse now? The ball is in your court. STOP BITCHIN.

@ GametimeUK...Ur Hilarious, One week its price, next week its Games. Dude make up ur mind.

-GametimeUK-2181d ago

Aside from Little Big Planet and Uncharted the Vita offers nothing for me (yet). I will still hold off purchasing one of them.

I will never get a console for 2 games.

KangarooSam2181d ago Show
Ducky2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

^ Wow, the guy just stated that he only found two games to be interesting to him, and you had to resort to personal attacks?

EDIT: I don't see where he's been trolling... aside from maybe one post that only applies if you have a very liberal definition of what 'trolling' is.

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Ducky2181d ago Show
KangarooSam2181d ago

I don't think he's gonna go jump off a bridge cause someone insulted his opinion on a gaming site. If people actually got stressed out over people arguing with them on the internet there would be millions of suicides everyday. So, FatOldMan, I think he can take it. People have said worse to me on here. I didn't even cuss the guy out. It's called disagreeing.

My point was that knowing Sony, an price drop next year like they said could very well mean the END of next year. So, with all these great games already out and coming out early 2013, why not pick up a Vita while they're cheap and get ahead of the curve/join the rest of us?

talisker2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

My excuse is I'd choose big screen gaming instead of small screen gaming anytime. When I have time, I play my PS3. There are more good games than I have time to play, anyway.

Nerdmaster2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )


From my experiences, stating your opinion here on N4G is like saying "I'm the lord of the truth and you're all worthless!". At least, that's how people react here.

These days I posted a comment "I don't like the characters in PS All Stars, so I don't think I'll buy it". And then people were all over me saying "why do you think everydoby needs to think like you?", "stop being such an arrogant brat thinking that the game has to have characters that YOU like" and things like these.

killerhog2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

He could also have gotten motorstorm Rc absolutely free, which I did. so if I get a vita ill have a free vita game/free vita mini games from the get-go. He is just being a troll. Sony offered a lot of vita stuff for free that anyone could of downloaded (regardless if they owned one) and had somenthing to play if all they could afford was just a vita. Hell he could of gotten a vita, lbp, uncharted and (if he was smart) motorstorm and vita minis for free. thats 3 vita games (1 for free) and (I think it was) 4 free minis.

That's because if you only play: cod, DOA, prototype, FF, characters which are not in PSA's (ATM) then is hard to believe you don't find the current line-up worthy of your time and just trolling.

Irishguy952181d ago

JoGam, it's both games and price.

Price is not as big a deal for me. But games are.

Haha, it funny how defensive Fanboys are. I'm not buying a system 'before' the games I want are out on it

Blacktric2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

"Shut up about price, shut up about games."


"But before you even consider purchasing the greatest handheld ever made..."

My God... the nerve on you people. I guess that's why Vita's been selling less than 10k monthly in Japan for a while now... Leave that fanboy crap at the door before telling someone what is the greatest handheld and what is not.

Nerdmaster2181d ago


I'm sorry that I don't like the games Sony decided to use in PS All Stars. Does this make me a troll? Do I have to pretend I don't have my own taste and pretend I like everything so I'm not called a troll? I just don't like Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted, Twisted Metal and whatnot.

I decided to check the roster one more time. As I already knew, the only character that I really like is Parappa. I wish they used Lammy, too. I kind of like Nariko (never played Heavenly Sword, just saw cutscenes on Youtube) and I liked the trailers of the new Devil May Cry but I hardly know the new Dante. But these characters are not enough to make me want to play this game.

pixelsword2181d ago

Whatever; this is exactly why Sony is last across the board; giving a discount after the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year is beyond stupid. I can understand not getting into a price war, but if you have "first place" hardware, there's always going to be a threshold all buyers will ignore all other hardware.

Mounce2181d ago


Ragnarok Odyssey and now AC Liberations? Unit 13 is pretty fun too.

SyWolf2181d ago

Still holding off until the software lineup has more then two games I want and are exclusive to the platform. With a gaming console games are the only thing that matter.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32181d ago

There's nothing that really interests me either especially with other stuff about to release. And price has never been an issue with me, except for the memory card, it was the games it has.

doogiebear2181d ago

What about North America? Will we get a price drop too? If so, i'm getting it, with Persona 4 Golden

snipes1012181d ago


Well those are really the two biggest things that determine the purchase of a console. If the price isn't right or there aren't a sufficient amount of games to satisfy the customer, then why should they have to buy it?

Even if the price is right now, if there aren't enough games, then why pay for it now?

Furthermore, why should they be criticized for not wanting something that you want? Who even cares? How does that even seem mature?

The fact that Jo's comment remains while the ones from people who just don't want to buy the console yet is unusual, to say the least.

Kurt Russell2181d ago

I still think the Vita has a lot of potential, but I also still think it lacks enough games for me to warrent purchase. A couple of good ones on the way, but for the length of time it has been out it has a pretty piss poor line up.

Syntax-Error2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Just because it's $187 in pounds doesn't mean dollars. It's still over $200. Secondly, there's no EXCUSE to buy a handheld for that price when there's not a lot of software to justify it's purchase. If A PS3 costs $250 w/ over 200 titles and a Vita costs $200 with 20 titles, guess which one gets sold first! Just because the Vita has a few games worth playing doesn't mean someone shells out $200 for it. It's a handheld and that in itself makes you question its lifespan. Put a $100 more dollars and you have tablet. You sound like child with that comment. Seems like you don't have SENSE when it comes to DOLLARS

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BX812181d ago

Every one go buy the vita because JoGam said so!

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Sano642181d ago

All they did was drop the price to match what we pay here in the states. 187 euro is about $250 US (Wifi Model)

Ju2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

US prices are Net (w/o VAT) Euro prices incl. VAT. This looks like the US price will go down as well soon. Also, retail prices usually match 1:1 from US to Euro (not according to exchange ratio - this and the included VAT (up to 20% in some regions) almost translates into a correct exchange ratio).

kneon2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I only paid $199 for my AC Liberation bundle that arrived this morning, and that included a 4gb memory card in addition to the game. The new lower European price is about %50 higher than what I paid.

Sanquine902181d ago

Why downvoted? I just said i already have 2 of them:(

awesomeperson2181d ago

It's N4G, you'll get disagrees for saying anything...
Don't take it personally :P

IAMERROR2181d ago

Damn, I might actually get a vita now...

chukamachine2181d ago

You only got 2, i bought 20. linked them all up for a massive screen. It's like one vita/s.

It's a great little machine and tbh, i don't really see what the 3ds has games wise other then mario.

Sanquine902180d ago

I bought 2 vita's what is the deal....

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Adva2181d ago

It's a price drop when Sony says, "PSV price will be dropping to XX".

It's not a price drop when a retailer lowers their price.
Mindless fools really, the journalists.

Sensu2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I work at this store (and also made this post) so I asked for more info on the price drop. Our HQ told us the price drop got announced by Sony for all the retailers, so it's not exclusive. It's an official price drop. Temporary though.

So mindless, not really. Before posting I asked for the additional info I needed to know it's a Sony price drop or a retail price drop. :) It's legit.

DoomeDx2181d ago

Damn thats awesome
thanks for the article. might consider buying it

insomnium22181d ago

YESS!! I WILL buy a Vita for christmas then. Happy days!

TENTONGUN2181d ago

awesome. yall try and get one. i want better support for my investment. you will dig your vita no doubt

sourav932181d ago

The 'price drop' is no longer visible.

Sensu2181d ago

How do you mean? I checked the link it still works.

2181d ago