Top Ten: Brilliant shooters you may have missed this generation

It’s that time of year again, when publishers put a massive strain on our already depleted wallets. The period between September and December has always been a prime time for massive blockbuster releases. The annual Call of Duty is usually pitted against the next instalment in the Battlefield or Medal of Honor series. The latest instalment of FIFA is set free into the wild and companies choose this time of year to release new hardware updates and sequels to some of the biggest games available.

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Vladplaya2178d ago

Is it just me or a lot of the games on the list are actually pretty mediocre? (Seems like author just picked top releases and put them on a list, well thank you very much for that, I heard a lot of about them all when they were released. Other then resistance games, which are actually pretty good).

Cam9772178d ago

Any COD fan will love the game Haze.

FragGen2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Actually, Haze felt like it was trying to compete with Halo to me. It kind of collapsed under it's own hype on launch, IIRC.

Cam9772178d ago

I'm joking by implying COD sucks too.

Somebody2177d ago

Haze was designed and hyped to be a Crysis killer. I've read developer interviews about it and how they have shove a lot of effects in that little quest of theirs.

From the big words that they kept throwing around, I was actually worried that might actually be a real Crysis killer that doesn't require a high end PC to run.

Then it came out and the reviews flooded in. I hit myself for worrying so much.

Detoxx2178d ago

I remember playing Haze for the first time.. I'll never forget it, it was so bad

chasegarcia2178d ago

Haze was not that bad. The hype killed it.

Gridloc2178d ago

Resistance 3 is this generations most underrated and underplayed game.

farhsa20082178d ago

If you want a game with a fantastic single player then look no further than resistance 3

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