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"Practically free from defects (some camera issues, at most), Okami HD proves that sometimes read back a game is good. Here there is not only the technical improvement, but there is also this second chance for those who missed the original game. Go ahead before white becomes black. Forever..."

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insomnium22274d ago

I loved the original game so I might pick this up.

EvilGost2274d ago

You can ! It's a beautiful game :)

nix2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

such a great game... sadly GeOW won most of the GOTYs that year. you can feel the repercussion of those decisions this gen.


fossilfern2273d ago

Just pre ordered a WiiU last night so I shouldn't get this.... but as soon as I'm out of work this will be bought! Is it true this game can be up to 60 hours?

Son_Lee2273d ago

In 2006, the game took me 55 hours to beat. If you are going for the trophies, expect to spend up to 75 hours on it.

Cam9772273d ago

It's an extortionate ripoff.

IAmLee2273d ago

you're joking right?

Over 70 hours of gameplay, beautiful graphics and unique gameplay? and you say it's a rip off, go back to CoD or something man..

Cam9772273d ago

I don't play CoD so you failed there. Also, why get so irritated over an opinion? There is absolutely no reason for you to do so. Furthermore, this IS a ripoff - £15.99 for ONE game remastered in HD; whereas you can get 3 games for a little bit more. This price has been fuelled by Capcom's greed and is ridiculous.

MWH2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

very disappointed with capcom for not releasing it on the 360 as well. i have it on the PS2 but missed it unfortunately. it would've been another chance.

Minato-Namikaze2273d ago

Maybe they don't think 360 owners will buy it? Either way this is why I love my ps3

MWH2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

no other reason i can think of, perhaps they're relying on the PS2 fanbase.. but the game is good it has a great chance finding new audience on the 360 as well pleasing fans, some of them are from Playstation origins like myself.

well, nothing more can be said. i hope they change their mind later.. perhaps if it sold enough on PSN.

ndl15312273d ago

yeeeeeees cant wait ima download now been waiting for this . i sold my ps2 copy when i heard an hd version was coming and its finally out . i remember buying this on launch day and put like 76 hrs into it when i was done . one of my favorite games ever made period .

Minato-Namikaze2273d ago

Also sold my ps2 copy, gonna put another 60+ hours into, this game.

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