Best Japanese PlayStation Network Games You're Missing Out On

There are some real gems here, and you can buy them without any problems.

Update: Corrected link. Sorry guys!

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Tetsujin2233d ago

Site won't load for me at home, keeps giving a 404 error

G33K2233d ago

Google the title and press the first link.

killatia2233d ago

The things is that this sort of thing should have been fixed before being promoted on the front page. We should not have to just Google it because someone can put in a link right.

hotrider122233d ago

Einhander??? oh my goodness. i would explode if it was on bluray ps3 disc.

izumo_lee2233d ago

Thank god i still have the original Einhander for the PSone but i would really love it if it was released digitally so i can play it on my Vita.

Knushwood Butt2233d ago

It's one of the few PS One Classics I own.

Have it on my PSP Go, but have not dropped it on the Vita yet.

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