The Drop: Week of October 29th 2012 New Releases

It's a doozy this week! Assassin's Creed III on PS3 and PSN, along with its PS Vita counterpart Liberation; Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3 and PS Vita, Okami HD, and more.

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Myst2208d ago

Ragnarok Odyssey *bounces up and down*

May get Liberation if I have enough money.

vikingland12207d ago

I will be picking Ragnarok Odyssey up at midnight if any one wants to play my gamer tag is viking_land1

Myst2207d ago

Wait they have a midnight launch for it? sadly I get mine after work but at least I'll have about 24 hours to play.

wastedcells2208d ago

It's tuff being a gamer. So many games so little time. But I'm in. Gotta get them all!

r212207d ago

Wish i could buy most of these games but sadly i cant :C I'll probably be buying Ass Creeds Liberation only.

TheSpoiler2207d ago

Wonder what, if anything, will be the free game this week.

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