The Eye of Judgement Screenshots

The Eye of Judgement is in development at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and makes full use of the EyeToy, placing the battlefield in front of players and allowing them to directly interact with the game -- controlling in-game beasts with real-life cards. Check out these latest screens.

achira6201d ago

cool game!!! very nice and inovative.

tom15956201d ago

game looks fun. i want a yu-gi-oh version though!:)

Anerythristic266201d ago

I have no idea why Sony keeps kicking themselves in the teeth. They want to say the Next Gen statrts when they say so. Then they release screen shots like this. Is this a PS2 title? Listen the concept sounds fun and I am not condemning the game till I see more of it. I just think Sony needs to release more screens from top notch games and not an Eye Toy game with really poor but shiny graphics. I think any Sony fan would agree , they want to see more Assassin's Creed or MGS4 or Devil May Cry because this isn't good advertising.

tom15956199d ago

i really do wanna see more screens of assassins creed!

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