Assassin's Creed III Liberation PlayStation Vita Commercial

Now with the PlayStation Vita an assassin can be anywhere.

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BluEx6102184d ago

I like these types of Ads from Sony. A little Live Action, and some actual in game, gameplay. And also that transforming controller was sick!!. Wonder why they didn't show off the Liberation Bundle on this.

-Mika-2184d ago

I agree. This was a great ad. Now they just need to put these on tv and the sales might pick up.

CandyCaptain2184d ago

I actually saw it during the Bears game today against the Panthers before I saw it on the feed here. ;D

Blastoise2184d ago

Its a cool ad. We get different ones in the UK with quite a good chunk of gameplay.

Nice to see Sony showing off what the Vita can do before Christmas

Hatsune-Miku2184d ago

I can't wait for this game

Makasu2184d ago

I guess that whole catchphrase is their new slogan, "Console quality on the go".

GribbleGrunger2184d ago

I particularly like the Duelshock turning into a Vita. that's a very succinct way of demonstrating the advantages of Vita over other handhelds

miyamoto2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

yeah that really caught my attention!
very very cool message, GG

now if we can have this transforming stuff on all Vita ads...

Cam9772184d ago

I too agree - if they push this game I can see it doing well.

CalvinKlein2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Im glad they are advertising this game, I saw this commercial play during prime time football today durring the cowboys-giants game. Just that one showing alone should have alot of people curious about it. It was good because it was an add for the vita too, and showed good gameplay of the vita game.

I saw the AC bundle and game selling good on amazon and I think it will be the biggest seller of vita we have seen yet.

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SandWitch2184d ago

Cool ad, especially transformer-controller. Love it

Qrphe2184d ago

That was pretty damn good

Godchild10202184d ago

This commercial was amazing! So far Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation has proved that it's one of the first real console quality titles on the go. They need to push this commercial hard, not just for us, but for the assassins in all of us.

That transforming controller was a nice touch as well.

Makasu2184d ago

Its a great commercial no doubt. But i can't help wonder if it doesn't have too little gameplay sequences and set pieces for the mainstream audience?

legionsoup2184d ago

I wouldn't say the first, but it might end up being the best after it comes out.

After all, Uncharted was pretty legit, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and SF vs Tekken were both pretty much spot on.

Godchild10202184d ago

I said " one of the first real console quality titles." This is also one of the first commercials I've seen for the Vita on TV. I do agree Uncharted, UMVC and SFXT are great console quality titles. But AC:L is one of the first open world title we have seen on the Vita, next to Need for Speed.

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The story is too old to be commented.