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Orgarhythm hopes to expand on what Patapon started and make a truly unique experience for gamers. With high hopes like that, can Orgarhythm pull it off or was it a good idea gone wrong?

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admiralvic3200d ago

I am glad someone else didn't love it just because it's different... seriously, new things should be welcomed, but they should also be good like Patapon.

Godchild10203200d ago

This is the worse review I've seen for this game to date. I want to buy this game but the fact that there is only Ad-Hoc for the MP, is a turn off.

I played Patapon and I want Sony to bring the game to the Vita. I download the PSP versions to my Vita, but I don't think every rhythm game should be like it.

smashcrashbash3200d ago

What kind of backward comment is that? This the first review that gave it such a low score. Maybe they, I don't know liked it because they LIKED it and not just because it was different. since when does different necessarily equal likeable?

knifefight3200d ago

So when Sumioni comes out and you give it a 9.3 (average score: 6.1), you jump onto other review pages with low scores like 4's and complain about their "inaccuracy." (e.g.
Yet, when Orgarhythm comes along and your site gives it a 3.2 (average score: 8.0), your site is righteous crusaders, the only ones with the eyes to not "just love it because it's different," and realize that "new things should be welcomed, but they should also be good."

Dude, liking your website and standing by your reviewers is perfectly understandable. You gotta back up your boys, as anyone should. But don't go around acting like anyone who disagrees with your reviewers is "wrong" and liking/disliking things for idiotic reasons. People have different opinions, man. That's why we have multiple review sources in the first place. Yours isn't any "better" or "worse" than anyone else's. It's simply different.

bicfitness3200d ago

Nice catch. That is the lowest form of journalism and not the first time its poisoned N4G if true. Reviews and opinion pieces should stand on their own mertis, not through some bs upvoting like we see on Amazon.

admiralvic3200d ago

I like that people agree with you. Not only because your only "proof" is a post where you defend the site and yet you call it "pages" with only 1 piece of proof. So before you call me out, come up with these so called pages, cause if you ask me... it just looks like you've been waiting months to one up me.

As far as my remark, that was the only redeeming quality I saw in the game. I didn't start listing reasons why other sites were wrong or anything of the sort, I just said what I thought and ended it like that. In the end, if you want to disagree with me, at least post why over "others did it", cause thats hardly a sound reason.

knifefight3199d ago

Settle down bro. You're missing the point. It's not about the qualities of any given game or little semantic issues that you're trying to dive into.

The point is that it seems like you're strutting around the internet with your chest puffed out and nose turned upward toward any website that disagrees with yours. You do it long enough and people are gonna start noticing like I did. You're trying to treat this like a court room trial, which it isn't, and like you're some kind of victim, which you aren't.

Just chill out brother. That's all I'm saying.

RubyToTheMax3200d ago

Sounds like a troll review.