Need For Speed: Most Wanted Interview | Matt Webster On An Unconventional Game

Dealspwn writes: Criterion are back, baby, but the playing field has changed somewhat since their last outing. As Playground Games and Turn 10 prepare to drop the impressive Forza Horizon, we caught up with Need For Speed: Most Wanted's executive producer - Matt Webster - last week to chat about why Burnout with real cars is awesome, why Facebook games give social gaming a bad name, and why Most Wanted is set to be one of the most connected, competitive, and compelling games of this year.

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morkendo233091d ago

haaaaaa, matt webster full of it claiming
Mostwanted not a clone of BURNOUT like hell its not, so was HOTPURSUIT. thats all criterion games know how to make far as racing games clones of BURNOUT, next NEED FOR SPEED be another clone of burnout.= no buy for me.

Fasttrack763091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Can't wait to try this,enjoying forza horizon at the mo