Playstation games to retail at £49.99 in the UK? are taking preorders for PS3 titles at £49.99. This is £10 more then the Xbox 360 and Wii game prices

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Stone Cold SA5912d ago

Some places sell them for £40!

UrbanJabroni5911d ago

It really looks silly when you agree with your own aren't fooling anyone.

Brian3605912d ago is one of the cheapest online games store,find me a site that will be cheaper

Stone Cold SA5911d ago

I live in the UK and i see them at like £40, in fact i see them in sales for £30 very rarely!

sparco5911d ago (Edited 5911d ago )

No ps3 game costs £30, not even £40. I also live in the Uk and wherever i look, its the same everywhere for PS3 games. £50/£60. But theres one thing we should all take into account, if i remember rightly, most games that are put up for pre-order are put up for a higher price to save the disappointment of them going up. If they had put them at the lower price of £40, and they then go up to £50, peopl aint gonna be happy. So put them at £50 and they can only go down. So maybe it will be the same for the PS3

But, if that is not the case and the price is right, then the prices in store will be around £60, which is a bit too mcuh for a game. £50 is bad enough.

malachi235911d ago is very cheap aswell

xbox360migs5911d ago

The article says that are to release the ps3 games for £10 more than 360 games within it's own site. nowhere is it suggeting a price comparison with other retailers.

THAMMER15911d ago

Can you go ahead and use your last bubble please?

Any way this is what we expected. As a 360 owner I wont have a gamer dry spell like most hard core PS3 whenthe shortage hits. And people will be selling PS3 in june or july 2007 I'll get mine then. And if the games are not cheap then so be it only buy the games you want and it wont be a problem. And yes the High price of the PS3 sucks bad but fi you want it you will pay thats why I wait to see whst happens.

coolfool5911d ago

I remember when Resident Evil 2 first came out on the PS1 and it was sold at £50. So this is not a completely surprising price point.

Still at the current rate of conversion that is almost $94 a game, fairly pricey.

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The story is too old to be commented.