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IGN - Unlike the macho military shooters that inspired it, Medal of Honor Warfighter wants you to consider the effects of violence on those responsible for it. Such appeals to a player’s humanity are bold but risky moves in a military shooter, where countless corpses of faceless terrorists pile up at your feet.

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Blastoise3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Ouch. This game is getting ripped apart.

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Welshy3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

These 4 and 5/10 scores are just getting silly and almost spiteful now, as if they WANT people to think it's an unplayable mess, when it's not even close to that.

It's not likely to scoop up any GOTY's or blow your mind, but it's a solid, competent shooter and minor niggle which every other shooter gets away with is brutalizing MoH's score.

Unoriginal maps, familiar gameplay, killing lots of people, globe trotting and no character attachment?

You could easily a apply any and all of those to just about EVERY military FPS yet they get 7 or 8, and *GASP* COD is just as culpible of these flaws yet it cleans house with 9.5's and 10's every. single. year.

Ridiculously harsh score, if ANY of the sites i have seen score this sub 6/10 then give BLOPS2 a 9 or 10, my very little remaining faith in gaming journalism will die.

Edit: I'm only using COD as a high profile example and not suggesting any conspiracy theory etc.

This can easily apply to even the predecessor MOH 2010, BF3 etc. Take your pick. They ALL score higher than this and it's arguably better than some of the other shooters out there.

I'll be keeping an eye on future shooter reviews and hope they are greeted in the same, nit picking fashion. i'll accept their score if they are at least consistent.

ExitToExisT3201d ago

Totally agree you. If they give this game 4 , according to the flaws mentioned then they should also give black ops 2 a 4.0

TheRealSpy3201d ago

are you suggesting an activision conspiracy to help take down COD's competition?

Never know, you may be right. I think what was said in the video review is probably pretty accurate, but i'm not sure the score lines up with it based on what i have seen in the past. a 6/10 would ring a lot truer.

Either way, must miss. I'm sick to death of these "realistic" war shooters. Bring on Halo 4 and Farcry 3!

LOGICWINS3201d ago

@Exit- You got Black Ops 2 early? WOW, lucky you! Hows the online...considering that the public servers for BO2 don't exist yet?

Wingsfan243201d ago

Wait a sec. How can you say Black Ops 2 deserves a 4/10 without even playing. That's so ignorant. What if it's a good or great game and Treyarch surprises us all. A good game is a good game and int this case, it seems like either Danger Close dropped the ball, or EA just pushed it out the door way too fast to compete.

Eyeco3201d ago

some of the specific flaws they pointed out in this game COD has been doing for 5 YEARS, questionable maps ? COD MW3 has some the WORST maps i've ever played in a FPS especially Downturn wtf were they thinking.

I'm only an 2 hours into the game, but honestly it's no masterpiece its just a step below COD(glitchier, buggier), but some of the criticism this game has been getting you could apply to every single COD game since 4, so far Gamespot's review seems to be the most honest, if you like FPS check it out when it drops down in price, it's really not that bad.

Statix3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )


You're correct that we can't judge a game before playing it, but are we really to assume that Black Ops 2 will be SUCH a drastic departure and improvement from previous Call of Duty games, with core gameplay mechanics that will sway people who are sick and tired of COD already? Anything is possible, but I highly doubt it.

Besides, if we shan't talk about Blops 2, we can certainly talk about MW3, which was complete and total trash according to almost everyone I've talked to online and my friends. Many people consider MW3 to be the WEAKEST Call of Duty in years (unsurprising, considering it was developed by an inexperienced studio after Infinity Ward became defunct), and yet it received a 9.0 from IGN!!!

R6ex3200d ago


MOH is a great game!

It cannot be scored less than 7.

IGN is just rubbish!!!

Sarcasm3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Yeah IGN is one of the glaring obvious ones. They give MOH 4/10, yet give every COD that has been released at least a 9/10 and up.

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showtimefolks3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Ok now ign don't give COR story and MP a 9/10. In one FPS they say t does nothing new than another generic FPS gets 9.5/10. I feel like reviewers hold different games and different publishers to different Standards.

Ign will give COD:BO2 9/10 yet it does nothing new

I am glad I don't like FPS gener but still asking question in one game than not caring whether the next FPS does something fresh or not

Hold everyone to the same standard that's all I am asking. I ams sure the SP in COD makes sense and let's not forget the old engine and almt identical MP.

If anything borderlands to be is the best FPS of this year

josephayal3201d ago

this game is Perfect and fun

RAZORLAND3200d ago

See you at the Target clearance bin, 'Warfighter'!

chriski3333200d ago

god damn IGN activison must be milking ur ass hard!!!! its sad to see a good game get bad reviews when big companies like activison pay off scum bags like IGN to rate other games low. and watch black ops 2 will get 9 out of 10 screw up IGN and activison!

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LOGICWINS3201d ago

Scared of what? They'll just simply drop the MOH franchise and focus on Battlefield.

krazykombatant3200d ago

ummm no back in the day of the playstation 1 and the cube MOH used to have one of the most epic stories imo. This series just need to find its identity once again.

XboxInnovation3201d ago

Yeah EA only has the original Call of Duty developers whipping up a shooter for them. Medal of Honor is their toy, a quick cash in.

ALLWRONG3201d ago

So you admit this game deserves the low scores?

papashango3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

If you think cashing in deserves low scores, Cod, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Halo deserve low scores

but this is one reason why MoH:W was doomed from the start.

Bumpmapping3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

R.I.P MOH and Dangerclose!Here's hoping there ain't a new one for a long time,unless it's done by another developer with something new to bring FPS genre.

Activision will show them how to make proper FPS with Blacks Ops 2 can't wait :0

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ritsuka6663201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

something new to bring FPS genre.

Activision will show them how to make proper FPS with Blacks Ops 2 can't wait :0""

Cod and inovation in the FPS? are you kidding right? SHM Dude,you could stop the trolling and the hate in this game ok? -__-

IAmLee3201d ago

'Activision will show them how to make proper FPS with Blacks Ops 2 can't wait :0'

Are you retarded?

nowheredan3201d ago

Not doing well anywhere, is it? You'd think that with all of the money EA is spending on marketing this thing, they would've sprung for a better score. Unless... all those conspiracy theories about IGN and other sites selling scores are a bunch of made-up lies or something!

Ace_Pheonix3200d ago

No, they have an exclusivity deal. They won't just sell reviews to anyone. You know, like Madden.

papashango3200d ago

you guys really need to look up the Eurogamer fiasco. The guy pretty much called out review journalists getting chummy with PR teams.

If your a journalist and you're getting exclusive behind closed door footage, interviews, swag bags in an industry where their paychecks (advertising) come from the very people they are reviewing. What's gonna happen if you give your PR "friends" a low score?

All those extra perks stop and you risk publishers pulling their advertisement funding through their web site.

It's no secret that a major source of income from these websites is the advertising campaigns spent promoting a new game. There's no guessing there.

Relientk773201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

They should just get out of the modern setting and go back to the World War II.

Medal of Honor, MoH: Underground, and MoH: Frontline were all amazing in my opinion. Really fantastic FPS's

Blastoise3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

It's just yet another case of a franchise trying to be something its not in an attempt to reach higher sales & appeal to the mass market. Shame, really.

first1NFANTRY3201d ago

frontline was a gem for sure