Bethesda: No Plans for Dishonored on the Wii U at This Time

Wii U Turn recently asked Bethesda and Arkane Studios if they had any plans to bring Dishonored to the Wii U. Their response was surprising, if not disappointing.

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nrvalleytime3867d ago

The quote is taken out of context. "Nothing planned at this time" leaves the possibility of a future transition to the Wii U.

Right now - nothing. But the Wii U is brand new. They might, you know, be working to fix some "small" PS3 issues before working on porting to a next-generation console.

Qrphe3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

That basically means "we don't have any plans and it's most likely not happening." We usually get this answer when a developer isn't planning a port but is put on the spot with these type of questions.

And besides, why would we want ANOTHER old port on the Wii U? (rhetorical question btw)

guitarded773866d ago

I just want to know how it's news that a company is not making a game for Wii U when they never said they were making a game for Wii U.

Qrphe3866d ago


It's not really. Slow news day means a better chance to get hits.

Neonridr3867d ago

Totally agree, the title makes the implications that the game will never be coming to the Wii U. It should have said "Dishonored not being planned for the Wii U at the moment".

KMCROC3866d ago

Thats fine they have Bayonetta, they will be fine.

PopRocks3593866d ago

I don't think that's the point.

KMCROC3866d ago

@PopRocks359 what you expect everyone to jump on the Wii u Bandwagon cause Nintendo is finally release a system close to what their rivals have had on the market the last seven years. has it occurred to you just may some house don't want to work on the Wii U Because there are true next gen console coming so why waste them resources. be thankful that Nintendo will be able to remake all their games for another few years & offer that instead.

PopRocks3593859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

No, it's because they could always port Dishonored to the Wii U at a later date. Or perhaps a GOTY edition.

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