Latest Issue Of Play UK Provides Individual Sales Numbers For 19 PS3 Exclusives

In the latest issue of Play UK worldwide sales data for 19 exclusives released for the PS3 have been published.

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GribbleGrunger4194d ago

A clearer picture would be handy

gaffyh4194d ago


I don't think these are a 100% accurate, because they probably aren't including digital copies at all.

GribbleGrunger4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Thanks! Bubble to you, sir.

I remember quite a while back talking about the very subject of digital distribution and how it could open the door for erroneous interpretation. The more popular digital distribution gets, the more likely it is that hard figures are not going to represent the overall picture. I think LBPVita is a prime example. I frequent a LBP site and nearly 60% of the people there (including myself) bought the digital version. So when you see retail sales, it in no way reflects the true sales figures.

moparful994194d ago

Agreed, just look at starhawks numbers a little over 100k? even some of the worst ps3 exclusives have done better then hat and starhawk is an awesome game... I received the single player campaign for free because of playstation plus and I will probably be buying the multiplayer via Digital Download and chances are there are alot of people who fall under that..

yoshiroaka4193d ago

You would think that digital sales would be easier to track. I mean im sure sony has a counter as to how much each game has sold.

But i guess those numbers stays under wraps which is strange. Hopefully they become more open about it in the future and not just say what is on top of the charts.

MaxXAttaxX4193d ago

Games like Warhawk were sold digitally as well. That's how me and my friends got it.

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Nyxus4194d ago

Some pretty impressive numbers there, good to see.

bubblebeam4193d ago

Gran Turismo 5 has done 8 million, not including Prologue. Simply unheard of for a racing Sim.

Polyphony should be proud.

KwietStorm_BLM4193d ago

Unheard of? Did you just get introduced to the Gran Turismo series?

bubblebeam4193d ago


No, GT1 was the first I played years ago. Still got the Dodge viper saved on my old memory card. And corvette.

I was simply saying that in a day and age where the biggest games are usually FPS, for a Racing Sim to d those numbers is quite outstanding.

Didn't think it needed explaining lol.

BigBoss19644194d ago

These numbers look like they've been taken off vgchartz lol

brettyd4194d ago

Crazy how Infamous 2 sold so little, one of the best games this gen.

Fez4194d ago

It must be because they changed the shape of his head?

pixelsword4194d ago

You may have a point: if they changed Marcus Phenix into Captain Quark, people might-a get pissed a little.

farhsa20084194d ago

Resistance 3 sales are a tragedy. Deserves to sell far more. My favourite FPS

r214194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Not only Res3 but Starhawk :C It didnt sell too well and now LBI is loosing most of its employees.

HammadTheBeast4194d ago

Hopefully the digital MP only version got more sales.

pixelsword4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

LBI didn't listen to the Warhawk fans; they listened to a bunch of random people in the Beta who never intended to buy the game. If they just ported Warhawk's gameplay into Starhawk and added the extra space stuff and build and battle instead of changing the fighter plane and put a bunch of boosts in it, nearly 100% of the Warhawk fans would have bought it. I wanted this game to do that, but it didn't, so I didn't buy it. I really wanted this game to succeed, and I may still buy it, but they turned it into some perk-reliant multiplayer clone instead of the perfectly-balanced skill-dependent game Warhawk was.

***************************** ***************

R3 didn't do well because of these key points (I own this one, btw);

5. No Hale. It just went funky when you take the main character out for good.

4. The hopeless in R3; You don't even know if there's an army left on earth; wait, you do: with 90% of the human population gone (if correct), it's an eventuality that humans will be eradicated in that scenario.

3. Using Capelli as the main hero; he was a jerk in R2.

2. No 8 player co-op; WTFudge, I still play that every once in a while.

1. Going from 40 (r1) to 60 (r2) to what, 8 players in R3? Really? No co-op was bad enough, but to greatly reduce the number of players to slightly improve the graphics in the multiplayer was bonkers-stupid.

RememberThe3574193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

R3 still has the best (by far) gun play of any shooter I've ever played.