360 Gets Price Cut in Japan

From play.tm:

"You can't fault Microsoft for trying, but at this point it is reasonable to believe that the Xbox 360 should throw in the towel when it comes to Japan. Microsoft just can't seem to gain any substantial foothold when going against the heavyweight home country of Nintendo and Sony.

In its latest attempt to draw in some of the Japanese crowd, Microsoft has lowered the price of the Arcade version of the Xbox 360..."

cloud360-13th_acount5995d ago (Edited 5995d ago )

No comment. there is nothing to say about this other than

Xbox/US in Japan= FAILURE

GTA sells 7 Mil on PS2 in US and 50,000 in Japan

aggh im on fire5995d ago

The reason they won't throw in the towel even though the sales are awful in japan is simple.
The original xbox was selling like 150-250 a week, this one is doing a few thousand, the next one may do more. Every one sold is a tiny little dent in Sonys marketshare and familiarity with the brand encourages more japanese developers to get on board.
Just look how many japanese developers are making games for the 360, a lot more than the original xbox. Who could envisioned DMC and Ace combat on a xbox console. Chances are microsoft will never gain the sales associated with Sony and Nintendo products but they know that. Its the fact that they have carried on relentlessy that has allowed Japanese developers to take an interest. And there games are selling.
Also the 360 software has done ok in japan considering the poor sales of the console.
Sony and Ninty will aways rule Japan but Microsoft are not going anywhere.

fenderputty5995d ago

They shouldn't give up. They're penetrating that market better then last gen. Even though it isn't much, it's still market share gains for them. Push the console as much as they can this gen too and the next gen will be more warmly welcomed.

Exhaust5995d ago

You said nothing negative about anyones console of choice all you did was state your opinion which makes sense.

All the fanboys care about is whos winning, numbers and more numbers. MS knows they aren't going to do very well in Japan this generation and probably not the next. They are trying to establish a enduring brand and like aggh pointed out they are making some progress although very small its still progress.

Sony and Nintendo are the giant brands in the industry. I think MS knows its going to take awhile and I bet they're willing to invest billions more to reach their goal.

More competition is good for all gamers even the douchy blind zealots that stake their life on the console that owns their soul.

Sure glad I can enjoy the good points of all three.

LaChance5995d ago

I t would be the MOST STUPID business move for MSFT to give up on japan now.The 360is doing WAY WAY better than the first on soWHY stop ????
MSFT are aiming at the long run?The 720 might b able to compete with Sony and Nintendos next consoles.
Anyways the PS3 is first WW ONLY thanks to Japan , if MSFT sell say 2 times more thanks to the price cut they will be first WW.
Good move from MSFT

paracardium5995d ago

Does the Arcade even have a HDD I thought it had 320mb in it or something like that.

ruibing5995d ago

It was a flash card or something right?

ThaGeNeCySt5995d ago

memory card + 5 Arcade titles/Wireless Controller/HDMI

aggh im on fire5995d ago

Yeah it has about 300mb back up. The lack of Hdrive is a pain, don't know how people get by without one these days.

MAsTeR_STrInGER5995d ago


THE MASTER IS HERE. YOU MAY SAVE YUR APPLAUDE FOR LATER! we have serious bussiness AT HAND! we all know it, the XBOX 360 is the only true platform for the japanes and world wide market, and this price drop will confirm a solid and perminent lead for XBOX in japan. japanes gamers will neel before the might and overwhellming destructive force of the BIG POWERFUL STRONG AMAY-WII-CON SEXBOX-360.

Kaz Hirai5995d ago

The true Lord Stringer will not be happy with your PIGGISH impersination!

As for the PIGbox 360 price cut- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Watching Nazisoft's pathetic attempts at success is like watching a PIG trying to rollerskate!


BrianC62345994d ago

You're right. What are Japanese gamers thinking? They deserve their RROD too. Come on Japanese gamers, be smart. You too can have a brick in your livingroom. Don't you want one?