Monolithic PS3 Kiosk Lands In Kawasaki

At the newly opened Bic Camera in Kawasaki, Japan, this beastly PlayStation 3 display unit has been installed. This monster looks bigger than many Tokyo apartments we've visited.

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kmis875911d ago

Anyone else ever see 2001: A Space Odyssey?

HyperBear5911d ago

but yea, it was really weird. Just like this. I find it weird that this huge thing and that other kiosk isnt playing games, but just showing trailers. But i guess its too early to be putting in actual games yet, seeing is how there are most likely no games finished yet.

xrobbanx5910d ago

If i intended to buy a PS3 i would be realy scared if they can´t let you play some games 1 month before the actual release of the console

PS3 Ultimate5910d ago

Looks futuristic! X Box fanboys don't be mad calling it Space Odyssey, ur all just jealous because they never had X Box signs on the walls looking awesome like the PS3 has. Its looking GREAT!!!

Chronical5910d ago

You could look but you cant touch. LOL. And theres 45 more days till lauch. These videos will really convince people to buy the MovieStation 3.