Next Xbox concerns

We all know Xbox 360 has played the foil to the PS3 this generation, and the competition has pushed both platforms to exceed gamers expectations. And with the next generation Xbox and PlayStation launches imminent I feel as though I’m the only one concerned about the next Xbox and how Microsoft will make it rival the next PlayStation. And I’m not saying the next Xbox won’t be a smash hit just concerned it may lose the race this time do to Microsoft’s lack of foresight.

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Chaostar4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

I went into the article expecting a terribly biased and poorly written piece, since the site is called Sony-gamer.com after all. However the writer gives informative and well-thought out constructive criticisms that you rarely see when people write about the less-than-shiny aspects of a console/manufacturer.

Main points for those who can't be bothered to click through:-

1. Justification of XBL fees if PSN has equal features (x-game chat etc).

2. First Party studios, not enough studio power to create new IPs for a new generation in order to differentiate the new Xbox from competitors.

3. May no longer be the 'easy to develop for' system and the advantage of multi-platform developer preference will no longer exist.

Personally I would add to that:-

4. Unlikely to have a 1+ year head start.

5. Too close an integration with windows 8 could lead to easy piracy unless, as Gabe Newell predicted, MS close the platform up around us. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/t...

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Gazondaily4146d ago

I must have missed something; what in that article is so 'well-thought out' exactly?

I'm sorry but whilst I agree with the points being made in the article, they are hardly informative or well-thought out. If anything, the criticisms have been recycled from previous musings.

Chaostar4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Just because you may have read the individual opinions listed in the article in previous write-ups doesn't mean the writer didn't sit down and think about them him/herself and also doesn't make them any less informative for people who may not have thought/read about these things.

What matters is that the writer has valid and honest concerns that were put across in an informative and well written manner, which is, like I previously stated, rare.

Chaostar4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

*sigh* I wish the console manufacturer apologists would just man-up and be willing to discuss their preferred consoles drawbacks in a mature manner, instead of just drive-by disagreeing.

I was hoping to hear some great ideas how MS could push their next console to greater things, maybe even grasp their turn at totally dominating a generation like both Sony and Nintendo have done in the past.

No matter what system people prefer, nobody can take criticism, even constructive criticism, with dignity around here.

bicfitness4146d ago

A wise man once said: "Expecting a reasonable conversation on N4G, is about as futile as expecting a reasonable conversation in the comment section on YouTube."

Go to Siliconera, Massively or any of the smaller, less sensationalist sites if you want a real discussion. (I only named those I frequent each and as they're well-policed and neutral sites that don't tolerate any of this console war nonsense.)

Balcrist4146d ago

Hey guys, this article is just some ps3 fanboy talking about microsoft's lack of vision compared to that of sony (because Move didn't copy the wii, and Kinect never happened)and how Nextbox is going to be hard pushed to give ps4 compotition.... its a bs opinion piece... no need to reed...

kayoss4146d ago

How is this a BS opiniin Piece? He is pointing out how Microsoft can stay ahead of the game against Sony in the next Gen console war... After reading the article I did not find anything in his article that is not a fact (the only thing is assuming that Sony will implement Cross chat but the chance of that happening is very high because PS Vita has it. So the PS4 most likely will intergrate it)... Everything he stated in the article is true... I would like you to point out one thing that is not true about his article regarding Sony and Microsoft console war.

Balcrist4145d ago

As in my original post, the authors claim that microsoft has no/little vision compared to sony is not only false, but absolutely preposterous countering how sony pretty much copied the wii when they made the move, yet when mirosoft put their two cents into motion controll, they came out with kinect, which is much more versatile and advanced... tell me again how microsoft lacks vision?
Also, what is this bs that ps3 gamers keep wanting called cross game chat? wait... you meen you couldn't do that already?!?!? HA! xbox has been able to do that since day 1, because mirosoft thought, "hey, i bet people would like to be able to talk to each other even when playing different games... or better yet even when their still in the dashboard!" TELL ME AGAIN HOW SONY HAS VISION AND MICROSOFT DOESN'T.....

GraveLord4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

I'm not really concerned Microsoft will lose, in fact I'm concerned they'll win.

They got Kinect 2.0 so that already guarantees it to be a hit with little kids. Microsoft will have a hard time convincing hardcore gamers though. Why buy an Xbox Next when the next-gen Call of Duties and Battlefields will also be on the PS4, and on top of that PS4 will have that amazing 1st party content.

XBox 360 gets hacked too. In fact its super easy to mod it and pirate games on it. If anyone is laughing here, its Sony and Microsoft.

If you were referring to PSN, then here's the thing: It only got hacked ONCE. That's it. It's old news. It doesn't "keep getting hacked".

KMCROC544146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

I personaly dont see MS turn away from the revenue
generate by Xbl, in fact i see them add more feature
that will make it worth the price no matter what thier rivials do
.also dont see them going full tilt in first party delvelopers
,they will work with the ones they have but maybe create a release
schudale so the game do turn profit & continue thier 3rd party partnerships.as the rest it was an intredting read.

kayoss4146d ago

I love my Xbox and cant wait for the new Gear of War and the New Halo game to come out. But with that said, after experiencing the PSN+ and what it have to offer i have to say that the Xbox Live subscription is no longer an attractive thing. I can be paying almost the same amount on the PSN+ and get free games every month when compare to Live the best part it is not mandatory. I just think it sucks that I have to pay for xbox live to get access to my Netflix and hulu account which i also have to pay for. I think if Xbox want really win the console war they need to remove the mandotory xbox live subscription fee.

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Xbox May Opt For "Timed Exclusivity" In Future, But Should Never Fully Abandon It

Hanzala from eXputer says, "Abandoning exclusives meant while Microsoft could still profit, Xbox would be doomed as a platform; I'm relieved it's not happening."

Lightning778d ago

They even said it in the article.

"Xbox business meeting clarifies the future of the console, which is that it’s not the end of the platform."

Ives said for the 100th time this past week. LS and AA don't grow console sales, or services. Sustainability and revenue is what it drives. So those types of games only makes sense to drop your walled garden and drop those types of games everywhere.

However Again, logic says Just buy a PS6 if games like Blade, Elder Scrolls, next Halo release on PS6 Day date or year or so after it
Doesn't matter. Makes no sense for an Xbox to even exist and no saying "get it on GP!" definitely won't work because you're getting everything on PS6 including Sony's AAA's. Xbox rental service would render useless. Those AAA games need that walled Exclusive garden to sell your console and services AA or LS drive long term revenue and sustainability but don't grow your console sales or services.

purple1018d ago

blaade is multiplat, mark this post in your calendar or whatever..

I did quite a bit of research just up here interest on who owns which movie characters for licensing, Sony obv owns sipderman in a different way sop thats separate,. But what I found was interesting. Disney have stipulated all Marvel games from now on the multi platform. wolverine also escaped this clause because the deal was agreed so long ago, before this new licensing deal.

it also included the fact Marvel was in financial trouble in the 90s and sold the X-Men to 21st centuryFox, later Disney came and brought out fox, folded it back into marvel, and this is why they can licence wolverine (being part of men) to Sony.

also intersting, at the same time they sold The incredible HULK to universal pictures, and that licence remains, so although he's a marvel character, Disney cant actually make a film without universal pictures consent.

Lightning778d ago (Edited 8d ago )

"Disney have stipulated all Marvel games from now on the multi platform."

I looked that up and couldn't find anything about that. Indy isn't Marvel but they are owned by Disney and that game's exclusive. There was even a long debate if the game was exclusive and now we know.

Last year, after Blade was announced I saw tweet or somewhere on social media maybe an Article where Disney stated they leave it up to the publishers or the devs making it.

Here it is.


Basically yes Disney essentially said it's up to Bethesda. It's convoluted article but thats basically what they say.

They don't dictate where their games goes they leave that up to devs/ pubs.

Christopher8d ago

***blaade is multiplat, mark this post in your calendar or whatever.. ***

It's going to Xbox, PC, and streaming services. PS? I wouldn't bet on that. Wouldn't rule it out, but not worth betting on that chance.

purple1018d ago (Edited 8d ago )

yeh, that wasn't his words, thats a game of Chinese whispers for sure mate.

here's what this website says "Disney chimed in on the platform exclusivity questions about Marvel's Blade, clarifying that the game's choice of target platforms is completely up to Bethesda''

but his actual tweet

when asked about platform says "thats a question for Bethesda"

thats not the same thing, not by a long stretch, in fact, quite a stretch for this website, to even get that headline. its upto Bethesda to announce it, but the decision, thats not clear.

I can't find the article I want either it was somewhere deep into licensing agreements of Disney/marvel and Spiderman got mentioned and my interest piqued. it was about 2 hours worth of reading too, so im not going to do that all again on the chance I stumble on the same quote, but im 99.999% sure all Disney is multiplat from now on, ohh ye that's it it was something like ''After the success of Spiderman they dont want their characters limited to one system'' or something like that,..

Lightning778d ago

"its upto Bethesda to announce it, but the decision, thats not clear."

You're trying to twist things. Of course Bethesda will announce it, it wouldn't be Disney that announces a game. How are those things different? They said it's up to Bethesda for the platform it releases on.

I dunno if I believe what you're saying it would of made news especially across Twitter and other media. That "stipulation" you said would applied to Wolverine since they started development around the same time right?

As I said in my comment why would MS have that game go multiplat? They need compelling AAA games for their console and they certainly wouldn't let Blade go doesn't make console buissness sense. Even if something like that were true MS would spend a pretty penny to keep it exclusive.