Geomerics: Devs looking forward to not dealing with PS3/360 512MB RAM constraints

GB: We asked specific questions to Dr. Chris Doran, Founder & COO of the company, on the difference between PC and console tech in a yet to be published interview, and he had a lot of interesting things to say.

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LX-General-Kaos2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

In this day and age 512mb of RAM is quite limited. But luckily there are people taking care of that problem.

3-4-52812d ago

Wii U has 2 GB. So that is 4 times the fun for them.

Xbox 720 & PS4 are said to be 6-8 times are powerful as they are now.

My Macbook Pro from 2007, that can't play games has 2 GB of Ram.

Xbox 720& PS4 should have AT LEAST 4GB, but I'd like to see 6-8GB of Ram.

Imagine the worlds they could build.

Kamikaze1352812d ago

Yeah, but even if the PS4/720 only had 2GB, they can handle much more than a mac can with 2GB since console operating systems aren't nearly as demanding.

zebramocha2812d ago

@345 from what rumors are saying,the ps4 was to have 2gb of ram but dev are press for twice that.

DarkZane2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

They should just put 8 or 16GB in the ps4 or xbox720. It's not like RAM is expensive these days, I just bought 16GB for less than 100$.

So instead of worrying about the cost too much, make a machine that will last longer. They won't use all that ram in the first years anyway.

Nutsack2812d ago

Half of that 2GB WiiU RAM is reserved for the OS. So basically they have 1GB to play around with really.

For the 360 for example the OS takes only 30MB of that 512MB. So basically it has 2 times the RAM available.

Thing is, soon enough they'll run into the 1GB limit too. This is always how it goes. With last gen they ran into the 64MB RAM limit.

Xbox 8 and PSOrbis are likely to get 4GB RAM, even more fun than WiiU's 2GB where just 1GB is available for gamestuff... So, that.

asyouburn2812d ago


Yeah, less than 100 bucks is good for a customer, but as a corporation building millions of 720's and ps4's, you can imagine the cost of that. It'd be 100 * a million

Vortex3D2812d ago

Remember, just because Wii U has 2GB of memory doesn't mean developers will treat it like having 2GB of memory. Lazy on optimization is one because everyone is so rush to release games.

In the end without good optimization, having 2GB isn't that much more than 512MB for games that are well optimized.

And, PC is the worst on using memory because the developers simply expect users to buy more memory. Why waste the time to heavily optimized how little memory is needed to run.

That's something a lot of people don't seem to get.

andyboy132812d ago

I mean pc ram is down to like $35 for 8 gigabytes. That is at retail to,let alone what a manufacturer would pay for it.

jib2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

"In the end without good optimization, having 2GB isn't that much more than 512MB for games that are well optimized."

highly disagree. 2GB is still 1.5GB more to work with & you can only compress so much data. sure there are lazy devs but even if they weren't, programmers do work with a deadline

YoungPlex2812d ago

"Half of that 2GB WiiU RAM is reserved for the OS. So basically they have 1GB to play around with really."

@Nutsack You are correct however the Wii U has 4 separate 512MB RAM chips that are split in half at the moment. PS3 and 360 were both able to shave off RAM from the OS and I believe that the Wii U will be capable of utilizing a full 1.5gigs after some time. Initially, Nintendo will probably be the only developer to do so but will probably allow close third-party devs to do the same as next-gen starts to strut their stuff. Either-way these current consoles mainly utilized 256MB of RAM and were able to pull off some ridiculously beautiful graphics, now imagine what the Wii U will do with a full gig dedicated to gaming... Not to mention if Nintendo decides to shave off 512 MB or more off the OS during game-play... The possibilities are quite exciting if you ask me...

GameSpawn2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Why can't people educate themselves. The reason computers (PCs and Macs) have 8GB+ of RAM is because they have the overhead of the operating system and EVERY background process running. Because computers have to be more flexible in what they can run, the OS kernels end up being HUGE to be able to have the flexibility.

Embedded devices such as gaming consoles, cell phones, and tablets have much more streamlined OSes that have very limited kernels meant only for specific lightweight or specialized tasks. Embedded devices have small amounts of RAM for one of two reasons: (1) Power consumption and cost must be minimized as much as possible and RAM isn't exactly cheap per gigabyte and watt. (2) Also in the case of gaming consoles the RAM needed needs to be fast, not large as gaming consoles are built to stream their data, not store it and high speed GDDR5+ and XDR memory are also ridiculously expensive in comparison to the DDR3 probably in your computer (this is the same reason PC graphics cards with 2GB+ of memory aren't cheap).

So for those of you thinking the next generation of gaming consoles will have 16GB+ of memory it ain't gonna happen. 4GB MAX and it will be some evolution of GDDR (Graphic DDR - special high speed variation of DDR memory made with graphics processing in mind) or XDR -- both types of memory being specially formulated, again, for streaming systems that don't need to hold on to data for very long.

crxss2812d ago

devs shouldn't be the only ones looking forward to this, GAMERS should also be pumped about this. nextgen needs lots of RAM if they want, not only their games to run amazingly, but also their BIOS. for ps3, it takes forever for the xmb to load and we cant do cross game chat mainly because of the RAM limitations.

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darthv722812d ago

when you first start out with something new you tend to think of the possibilities. Over time perceptions change because you become adjusted and the 'new-ness' wears off.

Is 512mb limiting? from todays POV, yes. From 6-7 years ago, not really. We have basically caught up and now have even greater expectations. We see what is happening around us in other platforms that exceed this limit.

So a new limit will be revealed and it will start over with the oohs and ahhs until our perception catches up again.

That is norm. Has been and will always be.

kayoss2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Can't say it any better. After getting the spec for the PS4 and 720 we all can determine it validity. But say if they do have 4-6gb of rams then the Wii U will be considered limiting with it's 2gb. This always been the trend and it is more apparent when it comes to technology. Even when the PS4 and 720 are released it will be considered outdated in terms of technology. With consoles having a longer lifespan this issue will never be solved. But seeing how the PS3 exclusives becoming better it still continues impress me with the 514mb of rams its daunting to see what they can do with 2gb.

DivineAssault 2812d ago

Yup wii u will have more than enough for them to do wonderful things.. Nx gen PS/xbox will too.. Ram is a very important component for gaming systems & idk what the hell Sony was thinking when they designed PS3 with such a small amount.. Luckily vita wasnt shorted in that department..Cant wait to see what they do with it in the future.. Bayonetta 2 should be one of the 1st nx gen games to show off wii us power

mewhy322812d ago

" In this day and age 512mb of RAM is quite limited. But luckily there are people taking care of that problem."
Especially if that is split into 256 for system and 256 for video. In this case the Xbox 360 is vastly more flexible that the ps3. The Xbox with its 512 unified ram that can be used however the developer sees fit. We see this deficientcy in large open world games where the xbox usually outshines the ps3. A prefect example is Skyrim.

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MysticStrummer2812d ago

Next gen will have it's own limitations. Most devs will deal with them. Some will whine. A few will make amazing games despite them. Most will make the same games we've been playing for decades, except with better visuals.

NastyLeftHook02812d ago

im letting this 512 ride until i get my ps4.

Oldman1002812d ago

It would be nice if next gen consoles provided over 9000 megabytes.

attilayavuzer2812d ago

9000 megabytes? Who says that?

CalvinKlein2812d ago

fajita says taht, tahts who.

WiiUalpha2812d ago

9 gigs? I have 16000mb of Ram in my PC now.

1024mb = 1 gigabyte

LiquifiedArt2812d ago

Its a DragonBall Z reference. lol.

jetpacksheep2812d ago

RAM is generally used for multitasking so the 512mb in consoles is ok for now, of course they will upgrade this next gen though.

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