LEGO Lord of The Rings For Vita Is Another Cheap Port

It looks like the upcoming LEGO Lord of The Rings will be another sour disappointment for PS Vita owners.

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SandWitch2810d ago

Sad bad truth.

But imagine how angry 3DS owners should be. They get the same version, but it's even worse.

Gamesgbkiller2810d ago

So its by Tt who made lego batman 2 and spy hunter .
WTH they keep doing that .. just stop making games on VITA .
or get it done right .

barb_wire2810d ago

Isn't it TT Fusion who are responsible for handheld versions? They're the idiots behind the last few ones that were on the PSP. Terrible games they were too.

Ben_Grimm2810d ago

Was a Lego game really suppose to be so high profile for the Vita?

Gamesgbkiller2810d ago

Lego Batman 2 was s*it on the VITA .
there was no open world and the cutscanes are crap .

izumo_lee2810d ago

So this mantra of developers being lazy is not goint away anytime soon with news like this coming out. The Vita from what i understand is so easy to develop games for with very cheap dev kits to boot yet some developers are not taking full advantage of the hardware given to them.

There should be no excuse for this kind of game development. Either put out your best effort or don't even bother.

Of course the Vita isn't the only system that suffers from this, every system has this problem at some points.

CommonSenseGamer2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

The "lazy developer" argument is even lazier.

Why spend more than has been forecasted in terms of sales. Game development is a business. If spending a few million more making a game wont translate into a greater profit margin then why would you?

Ult iMate2810d ago

Sales are based on the quality of games. I wanted to buy LEGO Batman and LEGO Harry Potter for my Vita (because I like platform games on handhelds and I kinda like those LEGO platform games), but when I looked at the quality of ports, I've changed my mind.

ForRealz172810d ago

Do not buy this crap. Don't support lazy devs.

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The story is too old to be commented.