5-Minutes of Paper Mario: Sticker Star Footage

GameXplain: "Enjoy 5-minutes of new footage for Paper Mario: Sticker Star from the US Nintendo Direct."

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mcstorm2817d ago

I agree. Ive never played a paper Mario game but always thought they looked good. I think im going to pick this up when its out.

Venox20082817d ago

I think you should try al mario's rpgs.. on SNES, DS, GBA, Gamecube, Wii (decent one but different).. and 3ds when it ll come :)

-Mika-2818d ago

Im not liking this game. First off there no party members. That is a huge negative right there. Second, like most recent nintendo games. I have a feeling this is going to be an easy game to beat plus the battle system is lacking depth. It just way too simple and there isn't any gameplay elements for the core.

Sgt_Slaughter2817d ago

...Why are you even here? I don't think Sony made this game.

GenericNameHere2817d ago

I've only played PM64, but I liked having partners. I personally wouldn't say it's a huge negative if this one doesn't have partners, just as long it's still a good game. And what does Sony have to do with this?

Most recent Nintendo games? Go play Pokemon Black 2/White 2. They just came out early this month, and while it's really easy in-game, there's a LOT of depth and technical stuff you need to know if you wanna be good competitively.

newsguy2817d ago

Paper Mario > Mario 64!

JonahNL2817d ago

Ouch, that's quite a risky statement. To be honest, I wouldn't even think of comparing the two. They both have unique and amazing qualities to them.