Insomniac ‘Terrified’ By Fuse Reveal

NowGamer: Insomniac Games has admitted it worries whenever it reveals "a new game concept". NowGamer talks to creative director Brian Allgeier.

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skyward2816d ago

Not surprised - it's a different game to the one they previously revealed.

Freak of Nature2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Insomniac are one of a few studios that "usually" think outside of the box... I think there strong suit is toon or realistic toons, quirky, stylized fun, outrageous weapons.... This just seems to have cookie cut written all over it, ho hum, just another bargain bin game waiting to happen from this early look.

Since it's IG's I will give them the time to show more meat, but the foundation looks weak, generic and as far from creative and stylish as you want to see...Nothing fresh and innovative for the most part at this time...

They should worry about the feed back, as all they have is the foundation of what's to come, this foundation thus far is weak IMO...

I was hoping for a act/adv plat-former/ with RPG elements, with caricatures and a toon vibe... I think that's there best fit, where they stand out...

raWfodog2816d ago

I agree with Freak. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and hopefully they'll pay attention to the fan feedback.

I know a lot of people are put off by the non-cartoonish looking characters but Naughty Dog has shown that a game developer can have different art styles (Jak & Daxter vs. Uncharted, Last of Us) and still produce quality games. Let's give Insomniac a chance to see what they can do with this.

da_2pacalypse2816d ago

What do you expect? Of course they're going to be afraid to reveal a concept that EA probably shoved down their throat....

Reibooi2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

The sad part is what they showed off originally before the game was reworked as Fuse looked fun and interesting. Granted it wasen't game play and was simply a trailer. Fuse however does indeed look generic and not very fun.

I'll give a demo a go before I make final judgement but really the game just doesn't seem like a Insomniac game and that's a real shame.

ZeroChaos2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Sigh I know that Insomniac Games shouldn't back step on what they do. But the general consensus was not positive as he stated it. Just look at the fuse trailer on youtube,

225 likes, 1,028 dislikes

If that positive then I worry for Insomniac.

CalvinKlein2816d ago

Its just angry ps3 fanboys that dislike it on youtube. I dont like their other games so I was never going to like this one probably but Im sure that most of those dislikes would like it if it was published by sony.

Ive seen ps3 fanboys support and defend horrible games that are ps3 only, then bash anything that is multiplat.

Remember how great FF13 was gonna be as a big ps3 exclusive. One of the ps3s most hyped games, it was on every list and the big game to wait for along with MGS4. Then it went multiplat and people instantly said it sucked long before it came out. Fact is FF13 was always going to suck and as soon as it went multiplat ps3 fanboys finally admitted it.

ps3 fanboys would rather have a crappy exclusive to overhype or try to defend than have a average to good multiplat.

People say this is generic, Well so was the game you probably overhyped 3 times, resistance.

medziarz2815d ago

no, people just don't like the direction Insomniac has taken with this game, ps3 fanboys liked the original Overstrike reveal A LOT

Kalowest2815d ago

Resistance 1&3 was awesome/epic, R2 was sh!tty/boring and felt generic.

HeavenlySnipes2815d ago

Or, this game looks generic as hell and FF13 was, you know...


Arcanine2816d ago

I do feel bad i know they are trying something new but it doesnt look like something amazing

jimbobwahey2816d ago

I agree.

The thing with Insomniac, is that their whole thing is creating very unique, innovative and fun weapons to use. They've done so in the Ratchet & Clank games and also in the Resistance series. They're doing the same thing with Fuse, but unfortunately the setting is as dull and generic as can be, and although it follows the same template of their previous work as such, it just seems very lifeless and dull in comparison.

When they're pushing this out into a market that has established third person powerhouses such as Gears of War and Uncharted, well, it's hard to see it doing well at all.

I'm curious to see what they do after the game releases to be honest. It will be interesting to see if they fall back to making PlayStation exclusives again to keep the money rolling in, or try their absolute hardest to establish some form of multiplatform IP, which doesn't seem to be working with Fuse.

Arcanine2816d ago

The weapons look good in fused i like the abilities of the guns, but that obviously is not enough.
I wonder how much money they wasted until they found their fear from their fans or process of their ip

FunAndGun2816d ago

Even in the weapon department this game is lacking though. There are ONLY 4 fuse weapons in the whole game. Yes, they are cool, but still only four. It just seems so basic compared to other Insomniac games.

Freak of Nature2816d ago

To me they are not looking to do something different, it appears that they are playing it safe, or being pushed in a certain direction, nothing different or unique here from the early looks...This does not look new, it looks cookie cut, and generic, boring... I agree it looks nothing close to amazing, and thats sad, because they could be doing amazing, our loss if this stays as is...

abzdine2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

...and i do feel bad for them because they didn't seem to choose the way of making an original game but they are following the footsteps of the TPS we already have millions of during this gen and the market is really saturated with these TPS. This game is not gonna sell.

And i prefer Overstrike title much better to Fuse.

Captain Qwark 92816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

its problem is the art direction. it has no style or substance of its own. it looks like as generic as possible.

that said it makes no sense to look that was considering how ratchet and resistance both have their very own distinct look

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