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Atomic Gamer writes:

"Indie games on PC have had a big boost in the last year, and it seems like that's happening for multiple reasons: people are getting sick of $60 AAA games, Steam is making it easier to bring indie games to their service, and these Bundle deals are getting indie games into the hands of a new audience of players that are realizing that no, you don't need to spend a work day's worth of pay just to get a good game. The latest game that I hope takes advantage of this craze is Hotline Miami, a fast-paced, top-down action game with such an insane and unique theme that it's hard not to be intrigued. But what starts out as a wild first impression turns into genuine enjoyment, as Miami successfully connects the drug-fueled, neon-lit world of Miami in the 1980s with hard-hitting combat that reminds you of those days in more than way."

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