Phantasy Star Collection Announced

Phantasy Star I, II, III and IV are set to be remastered and rereleased for the PS2.


Final Fantasy 7 Games: A Deep Dive into Every Spin-Off

The hugely popular Final Fantasy 7 universe shows no signs of slowing its expansion, so here's all the spin-off games released so far.

TheBrainZ8h ago

The gift of FF7 keeps on giving.

kevco337h ago

Some serious misfires in here, but a lot of good stuff too.


Bully: Scholarship Edition - Desperately in Need of a Sequel

Bully: Scholarship Edition was an Xbox 360 & Wii re-release of the PS2 classic. Still playable on modern consoles, it'll make you long for a sequel.

TheBrainZ2d ago

A sequel? More likely a remake as is the current trend? No point, everyone wants GTA VI.

kevco332d ago

It's a shame that basically all of Rockstar's catalogue apart from GTA and Red Dead is now, well, dead.

Redgrave2d ago

The R☆ of today is extremely unlikely to put out any project that isn't GTA because of the gaming climate and because GTA is stupidly self sustaining.

Gone are the days of a mainline title and a portable tie-in/standalone title of the same name just like publishers putting out multiple fighters at once.

Costs are too high and mainline titles have become too gargantuan to allow for "risks" on lesser titles that may not take off or sell.

Take Capcom for example, and SF6. We are unlikely to ever see a new installment of their other fighters like Rival School or Darkstalkers because SF6 is more popular, recognized and costly. A new Darkstalkers in the RE Engine would look sick as f*ck, and would visually be unlike any other fighter if done right. Sadly though, it's not as recognizable as SF and Capcom is unlikely to put so much on the line for something that might not catch.

Rebel_Scum2d ago

If there’s to be a sequel it should be at the college/university level. Otherwise its just going to be a rehash of the same progression and story.


Which Final Fantasy Remake or Remaster Should We Get Next?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out this week, and already sparking speculation on what the next Final Fantasy remake could be. We have a few ideas.

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OtterX3d ago

I second the call for FFXI, but not completely offline. Give it a max of 18 player online support, since an Alliance is maxed at that number (Party of 6 x 3) Any amount of players beyond that is not necessary. Simulate the auction house and ambient citizen/players.

I miss playing the game. I was hardcore into it back around 2004-06, but I wouldn't pay monthly to revisit it anymore. I may jump into it again with friends/others if it had free smaller scale accessibility. There is a charm to seeing other parties battling it out w mobs out in the wild that I would miss. What I never missed is the gil farmers farming Notorious Monsters.

OtterX3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I realized this is a dumb request after I thought about it more, but I can't delete now. XD

Yea, that would take way too much effort to rework, and without other players, the experience would feel even blander on slow gameplay that already hasn't aged that well. My nostalgia holds me to it, but most new players would probably hate it. I loved it for its time though, and I still hold friendships with a few players almost 20 years later! One of my close buddies there even went on to create a small Playstation-exclusive indie studio, and he reused his FFXI character name as one of the characters in one of his games. (On PS3, PS Vita & rereleased on PS4)

shinoff21833d ago

I'd like to see ff9 or ff6 but just a 1 to 1 remake. Please don't change anything. At most maybe add some more side quests but that's all

CrimsonWing693d ago

FF6, FF9, or FF8.

Honestly, I’d like an FF5 Remake as well. I think that entry is criminally underrated.

Rebel_Scum3d ago

How about none? Make something new. If you must go pre PS1 era as all the others still hold up.

andy853d ago

They do. FFXVI just came out whilst being developed at the same time as Rebirth. 2 different teams. If games still come out I'm all for it

GoodGuy093d ago

They're bad at it. 16, 15, 13, and even 12 were all disappointing and unmemorable compared to the OGs. 7 Remake is about the only real good FF thats come out in decades. Let the dev teams be reminded why the older games were so special.

andy852d ago

I mean everyone's opinion is different. I personally didn't rate 16, but it was pretty acclaimed overall. 15 was good in the end once the royal edition came. 12 was outstanding though.

Rebel_Scum2d ago

7 remake was average at best. Bottowed the same crappy fetch quests from 15 too. 16 and to a lessor extent 13 were ok.

tbh they dont need to remake old games to figure out why they were good. They could just play them.

FinalFantasyFanatic2d ago

I can't speak for 16 because I haven't played it, but you're right about the other games, I wish they didn't change the story for FF7 remake though.

-Gespenst-3d ago

I'd like to see a 2D HD remake of 5, and then 6. Even remakes in the style of the 3 and 4 remakes would be welcome, imo.

I also do think they should do an offline 11, like what they're doing with Dragon Quest X. I'd really love to experience that one. On the other hand, there'd be SO much in it that it might be a little bit overwhelming. Turning a long-running MMO into an offline game would mean adding all the various expansions, too, after all. It certainly wouldn't be a normal JRPG experience. It'd potentially be like stitching all three FF7 remake games into one - that'd just be too big a game, and I reckon a lot of people would never finish it.

Question to the FF11 players: roughly how long would a non-condensed offline version of the game be if it included every expansion? (assuming leveling / progression was as quick as typical offline RPGs).