X-COM Slingshot DLC and Patch Inbound

Following the recent release of the Elite Soldier Pack DLC, previously available only to players who had pre-ordered the game, X-COM commanders can now look forward to additional missions in the Slingshot DLC. Bringing a new 3 mission story arc, a unique character to add to your team and new customization options for your soldiers, the new DLC will be be welcomed by fans, but as yet, a release date has not been set. Firaxis have also confirmed work on a patch is currently ongoing that will iron out the bugs present in the game at release.

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Pintheshadows2807d ago

There are a few bugs, but the game is so good I don't care. I wish Muton's were a bit easier to hit though.

And customisation options are always welcome.

TheTwelve2806d ago

Serious bug involving the mutons and game freezing is keeping me from playing now. I hope the patch fixes it.



I'm hoping they expand the main campaign. So much potential to add more.