Need For Speed: Most Wanted Confirmed For Wii U

FanCensus says: "It’s been long rumoured after multiple listings appeared on retailer sites but now it looks as though it is officially confirmed. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is indeed coming to the Wii U."

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Neonridr2810d ago

fantastic news if this turns out to be true. I wonder how long they are going to wait to reveal this game if it is in fact a launch title. We are just over 3 weeks away.

Ares84HU2810d ago

A lot of excellent games for the Wii U launch. This might just be the best video game system launch in history.

Though I'm not getting one myself, it will be pretty cool for anyone who does. Lot's of choices of games.

1upgamer992810d ago

I like need for speed games, but I expected this. No surprise for me. I don't think it was really unexpected NFS has been on the Cube, and Wii. Still would like to see what they do with the Gamepad, I am guessing rear view mode, and that will be a cool feature.

DivineAssault 2810d ago

Hopefully EA puts out everything else theyre releasing on Wii U too.. Deadspace would fit nicely on wii u.. Ubisoft needs to release splinter cell & everything else they have too.. Gamecube got splinter cells & NFS games so it only makes sense.. Now a real shocker would be if rockstar drops GTA on it

Neonridr2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Has Splinter Cell not been confirmed yet for the Wii U? It shows up on several listings. I would not be surprised to see GTA V confirmed for the Wii U in the coming week or so.

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The story is too old to be commented.