Assassin’s Creed Clothing Range Revealed

Leading licensing company musterbrand has today revealed the ‘Assassin’s Creed Collection,’ a new range of apparel inspired by Ubisoft’s best-selling series of videogames. The range comprises eleven pieces, each designed in conjunction with Ubisoft.

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Batzi2820d ago Show
WillGuitarGuy2819d ago

Looks...warm. I WANT IT! Also Sucker Punch should've done something like this for inFamous where they could've sold some Reaper hoodies. I've seen some online, but they don't look that good.

crxss2819d ago

i had no idea musterbrand did this for MGS:PW, RE, etc. i must look into this company.

Zichu2819d ago

Damn, wanted that cardigan hoody... £79 is quite a lot to spend...

gaffyh2819d ago

Same here, looks awesome though.

Eamon2819d ago

The only problem is the price. They are way too overpriced.

Dovahkiin2819d ago

And most likely under-manufactured.

vikingland12819d ago

The coat and the hoodie look warm but too spendy.

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The story is too old to be commented.