5 Of The Best Video Games With Gambling

As part of the ever growing conundrum of art imitating life and life imitating art, so does computer games offer us chances to delve into the word of doing mundane everyday things. Much in the way that in real life you could log into an online gambling site and risk your actual cash, your opportunities to chance your virtual currency for riches is becoming increasingly abundant in video games with gambling.

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Perjoss2821d ago

I spent waaaay too long playing poker in RDR :D

caseh2821d ago

Hah no Yakuza4!?

Gambling in Japanese casinos, Pachinko and Mahjong halls, nothing else comes close.

...and it has Karaoke:


TheLyonKing2821d ago

I got pretty addicted to the slots in Pokemon. I am a certified badass.

Cablephish2821d ago

How about those slot machines in Borderlands 2?

I haven't even gotten triple Marcus, let alone Pandora logo.

Guess that's what keeps me going back to them.