Are there any games to look forward to the rest of this year?

For the past few years, the Christmas rush has brought on some great games.

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Godchild10202812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

The PS3 has more exclusives coming this holiday if you count the collections and move only games. This doesn't include the games that are only releasing in Japan this holiday.

While none of them will sell as well as Halo 4 or CoD. The PS3 has more games to hold over the masses through this holiday.

CoryHG2812d ago

Good point. The Resistance and KZ collections are great if you're new to getting the system. If you're choosing a system, you choose the ps3 AC3 bundle.

Larry L2812d ago

The only game left for me to look forward to this year now that I've got DOOM BFG and Killzone HD, is Guardians of Middle-Earth.

I was also looking forward to WrestleFest, but it seems the console version of that game has completely fallen off the map. I'm thinking they may have run into some serious issues with the console port.

stonecold32812d ago

yep wwe 13 need for speed little big planet karting ps battle royale ratchet and clank q asc 3 i still need to get boderlands 2 still wonder book of spells singstar

MasterD9192812d ago

There are actually tons of games to look forward to. I think it would be easier to decide which ones NOT to go for at this point.

I'll be getting a game each week for the next 3-4 weeks and will probably be buying 2-3 more on top of that in between since BF is coming up too. I call it pre-Christmas...which is when I give myself a series of gifts. Happy holidays to me.

jmc88882812d ago

There are tons of games to look forward to. Many of them have been mentioned, yet...somehow that's nothing to look forward to? Last year was good, but I think this year is even better.

MoH: Warfighter
Little Big Planet Karting
Far Cry 3 (how can anyone forget this one?)
Assassin Creed 3

There's a couple of PC games that you can buy on Steam that are sort of unique. Medieval slashers.

Yes I just bought Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and it's great fun. Well worth the $25 price tag. Others like War of the Roses. I haven't bought that one, but will probably pick it up when it's on discount (because it's so similar to Chivalry). But that's two medieval online wargames. YES they're ONLINE. So instead of 32 people shooting at each other they're swinging at each other. Great fun.

Plus there are a few that are coming out on the PC that aren't known very much.

Strike Suit Zero is supposed to be coming out in 2012 (and was talked about last month in that context.)

You have the potential in Natural Selection 2
You have the potential Primal Rage

Also I think it's a bit off to already lop off games like Borderlands 2 and X-COM which just came out and are either still being played heavily, will soon, or will be under the tree come xmas time.

Oh and beyond all this you still have add ons coming for last years games. That's right. In December you get another map pack for Battlefield 3, we just got another one for Ghost Recon Future Solider, probably more Borderlands 2 DLC. Who knows maybe another Skyrim DLC?

Then even beyond this in the 1st quarter of 2013 sees a bunch of great games (and probably more)

Metro Last light
Crysis 3
Sim City
Beyond: 2 Souls
Bioshock Infinite
Aliens: Colonial Marines

and it's conflicting when Rainbow Six Patriots comes out...some say february-march, some say by end of the who knows.

But overall the rest of this year has plenty of gaming, and with the Wii U and the recent PC medieval multiplayer slashers there's lots of 'new' experiences coming/here too.

Plus the early 2013 slate looks packed.

1upgamer992812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

The problem with these great games coming out FOR ME is, I want to play them on Wii U because games like Assassins Creed 3 and Black Ops2 are supposed to be better on Wii U. Assassins Creed 3 on the fly weapons switch and with BOPS2 the Gamepad according to Activision the Wii U version "has a clear advantage over other versions" The problem for me is one I don't have the $400 plus to drop on a new console right now and two even if I did the chance of me actually getting one are almost none, Pre-orders are few and far between they go as quickly as they are made available.

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