By looking at gaming’s past we can see Nintendo's future: Why they will dominate this gen

Nintendo came into last generation with the goal of connecting with the Casual market. Wii Sports, Nintendo Dogs, Brain Age, etc. It was a huge success. But even with that gigantic push it was only able to go so far. There was a problem. In catering to the casual market they neglected the core gamer. In the end the casual market would not be enough to continue Nintendo’s Console dominance around the World.

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1upgamer992809d ago

I don't think the Wii U is over hyped. I agree with this article fully. The Wii U offers you use of the Gamepad, Wii Plus Controllers, Pro Controller, and the Wii U is backwards compatible with the balance board, games etc..So now you can pretty much play how you want. Now with games Like Metroid that I am sure will come to Wii U, I can not freaking wait to use the gamepad similar to Zombi U, also Metroids Graphics were very nice on Wii, I can only Imagine what Retro will be able to do on Wii U. Even though 720/PS4 will have more power, from what we now know, Wii U packs a pretty good punch.

LX-General-Kaos2809d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Nintendo is a veteran brand in the gaming spectrum that build their business model around survival. Strategic pricing combined with strategic software releases are a clear indicator. Nintendo is also a master at crafting exclusive gaming experiences that are built to last many many generations, while staying fresh and innovative at the same time. A quick glimpse at Nintendo in house exclusive offerings and how they have stood the test of time while remaining dominant forces in the industry (sales & reviews) this far is proof enough.

Typically they may or may not dominate this upcoming generation with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Only luck and the change of the consumer demand tides can predict that. But you can bet your bottom dollar that when It is all said and done. Nintendo will move a lot of exclusive software, and at least a respectable amount of hardware. Then continue on to the next generation of Elite gaming

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Gr812808d ago

I can't stand is this notion that Wii neglected the self proclaimed 'Core Gamer'

Wii was an amazing console, up until about 2011. In any case, Nintendo seems a bit amiss taking losses on hardware, and having a weak financial showing, Nintendo seems to be following Sony's example.

After breaking records with the Wii and DS, to have Nintendo abandon what bought them record breaking success seems very bone headed. Something will change.

Hicken2808d ago

Which core games were there? And more importantly, which ones WEREN'T Zelda, Mario, and the other usual suspects? You know, the same ones we can count on seeing every generation.

MadWorld, No More Heroes, and then... what?

I'm not saying they DIDN'T have core offerings. But compared to the massive amount of casual games- which were the primary focus and were pushed more- it wasn't much to speak of.

Schawk2808d ago

Bring it baby cant wait , wii U is gonna be awesome

allaboutgamesn4g2808d ago

Wii u will be ok, nothing special. Alot of you guys are just hyping it up to be something it is not just because your dying for Nintendo to save face after the Wii was so mediocre. Nothing shown speaks next gen (definitely not the controller that is uncomfortable for many) and no Zombie U doesn't look better than the average current gen games whether you tell yourself it does over and over again. Wii u will however have some good games in future Zelda, Mario and hopefully Starfox sequels and also seem to be getting some good ports from the past.

You ppl call trolling and hate ppl that dissent with other ppls opinion that the Wii u is this revolutionary console knowing very well that many of those same ppl speaking their minds grew up on Nintendo games and have no reason to bash it. If their skeptical about it its because of what they see and what they've experienced as of late with Nintendo.

I really think that alot of fanboys here are just some kids that are like 15 that get mad because adults have their own opinion and know what it is with Nintendo. For example Captain Nintendo "Wii U" who always has to comment and say someone either has an alternate account or their someone else whenever they don't believe the Nintendo hype. Man grow up!!! Hop off your blindly in love with Nintendo and its kinda odd.

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