Battle Of The Online Networks.

The PlayStation Network, WiiConnect 24, and Xbox Live are up against each other in a battle for next-gen online supremacy. And so it begins. With this new group of next generation hardware on the horizon comes some more advanced online features. Not just online-supported gameplay, mind you, but communities that have been specifically built to appeal to all gamers- hardcore and casual. The Xbox Live Arcade service, for instance, has evolved over the past year into a full-blown service, complete with downloads of demos and new games aplenty. But that doesn't mean that Sony and Nintendo don't have something up their sleeves...

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Capt CHAOS6402d ago

PS3 get their act together with software licensing issues that plague xbox 360.. Try sending in your xbox 360 if it's faulty... You xbox live arcade cames will no longer work for everyone in your family on their live accounts once you receive a new HD replacement..

Boink6402d ago (Edited 6402d ago )

when you are buying an arcade game, you are buying it for your account, otherwise people would just make their profile on their friends computers and nobody would pay for the game(which was happening)...jees

as far as the online thing goes, sony and nintendo have quite a hill to climb. Live has set quite a high bar and is now at least what is expected of both of them.

ASSASSYN 36o6402d ago

I betyou don`t even have xbox-live. It is obvious you don`t know what your talking about.

The Snake6402d ago

I just sent in my 360 for repairs and they specifically told me NOT to send in my HD with it, so I'd like to know where you make up, I mean aquire, your information.

Capt CHAOS6402d ago

They should have had the sense to return the original if this was going to be a problem. Check the web, it's not an isolated issue.

boink, not sure how many Arcade games you own or how many members you have in your family. If you buy an arcade game, anyone in your family can play that game using their online account... Unless you happen to have had your hard-drive replaced by MS.

ASSASSYN 36o - I presume your comment wasn't address to me.

The Snake - Yeah, that's probably after MS realised they made a ditch of the DRM issue.. Read the web and check it out.

http://blogs.msdn.com/xboxt... is an example. Doesn't give you an answer. If your HD crashed, you're in big trouble if you've paid for alot of Xbox live content.

ASSASSYN 36o6402d ago

Where is the reply at? Then I must be!

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Captain Tuttle6402d ago

That Sony takes online play very seriously. They seem to want to let everyone make video blogs. Sure, that's cool and all but what about gameplay? It really seems like Sony considers online play a sideshow that they really don't want to commit too and that's a shame.

lalaland6402d ago

They will have to work hard to catch up with XBL. But to say they don't care about live gameplay is silly... 40 people playing Resistance deathmatch is ok... Most games will have live content. A few won't (among those the famous couple of games from devs that haven't gotten sufficient info from Sony). But theese are first gen launch games for a console that will last for 7-10 years, and in this generation online really matters. Sony will deliver. Wether it will be up to XBL standard is another matter...

nambo6401d ago

Online game play was an afterthought for Sony. That’s evident by the lack of details coming forth about their online service and developers removing online game play because Sony hasn’t even told them any details…more of Sony’s smoke up your asses. And their comment about the PS3 lasting 7-10 years is a joke. Maybe as a Blu-Ray player (if the format wins), but not as a game machine. 5 years tops.

TheMART6402d ago

Sony cannot give the specs to dev's and games already are dropping PS3 online support.

That are the signs on the wall of more delay/cancelling stuff of Sony. Mark my words. They need the coming years to come up on the premium level of XBL but it won't be soon

bizzy126402d ago

the king of online xbox and its going to get better once the ps3 drop they have something new to add in nov via dl update once you turn your sytem on and boot it up

Marty83706402d ago

Mart,same thing happened to Xbox launch games,it common practise.Some Wii games won't have online play till 2007.It not happening to all games.

USMChardcharger6402d ago

if you are talking about the first xbox...live kicked off after the launch...so that was an off statment you made. if you were talking about the 360...well we know no games dropped live so...what are you talking about?

frostbite066402d ago

Live kicked off 1 year exactly after the xbox launch to be exact. Unreal Championship Baby!!