Can Nintendo maintain their momentum?

Nintendo has managed to establish a very good lead in this generation of gaming, but it is going to take a lot more in order for them to hold onto it. Parodies Galores argues that this will be the make or break year for the Wii and recommends some things that Nintendo can / should do to keep their lead...

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Eretik5213d ago

Yet another young analyst(YAYA) is asking us "Can N sustain?" "Will wii lead?" following with bunch of banal advices like "improve online gaming", "help 3rd party devs", "decrease price" etc.
I am not N, but I can answer with easy
Nintendo can sustain
Wii will lead the pack
Questionable only one thing, "how long?". probable answer: This year certainly, next year too, 2010 depends from Sony and MS.

And guys from N should not hear those advice from YAYA otherwise N will die.

OSUDuff5213d ago

I agree with you, to a point, but my point is that they need to ensure that they hold onto the new gamers that they are bringing into the fold. There are going to be casual gamers that come into the fold thanks to the wii, and they may eventually want more; Nintendo needs to eventual ensure that they can meet those needs as well rather than passing them onto their competitors...

Eretik5213d ago

Nintendo is selling console not to make people happier, not to make hardcore gamers involved, not to get high rate for their titles. Nintendo is selling console to make money. Point.

Sony and MS, btw, too, but they chose wrong strategy and now is trying to revive appealing to hardcores, adults and common logic... Not a chance at the moment, not a chance.

PS360WII5212d ago

They have been so far. Just for the fact that they decided to stray from the pack of PS and Xbox does not make it a bad thing. Heck that is why they are leading the pack now for it's not the same as everyone else. It all depends on the games that are in development now that won't come out till later really, and Nintendo is notorious about not talking about anything till it's almost done so plenty of secrets are there.

Kaz Hirai5212d ago

But be warned, Nintendo- King Kaz is coming for your blood!
Mario- RIP You bloated fool, your overgrown reptile friend cannot save you now!
Link- RIP You will pay the ultimate price for dressing like a fairy!
Samus Aran- RIP Prepare to be crushed by the tag team of King Kaz and Emperor Kutaragi, you tramp!


Mr PS35212d ago

Mr kaz Hirai sir
Soon it will be a distant memory just like the crapbox
And we will be all laughing our ass off as these two minnows of the console world as they battle it out for 2nd and 3rd place
Basically put Oh great one the wii does'nt even need or warrent our attention !!
Its just a novelty box for kids and some dumb assed family's who throw a little party once a year were they like to play naked twister and wii tennis
Let them have there sick twisted game's !! we have to prepare our victory speech and lets just sit back and enjoy 2008 and beyond
Cause there aint much to stop the mighty PS3 and our quest for world console domination

Kaz Hirai5212d ago

Those of us who worship at the altar of Emperor Kutaragi are guaranteed eternal victory and world domination!
I say we drink to the death of the Wii! Sorry, Nintendo GEESE, you fail again!


BlackCountryBob5212d ago

I like the Wii so please don't interpret this as fanboy bleating but I worry slightly about the future of the Wii. I know of 5 familys who got Wii consoles for Xmas and they all now confess that they have not played them since a few days after the big day. I worry that the Wii is just another in a long line of xmas gotta have one fads like a million furbys, Buzz Lightyear and pogs before them.

Wii is a great system IMHO and is thoroughly deserving of its extraordinary sales but by continuing to mock and ignore the hardcore fans they are potentially driving away the buyers who will be willing to buy the console long after the fickle masses have moved on to the next must have product.

OC Shock Value5212d ago

The Wii has the highest rated hardcore games out..

Metroid Prime 3
Zelda TP
Mario Galaxy
Smash Bros Brawl Soon
Resident Evil 4 Wii addition
No More Heroes

The games that i played surpass most PS3/360 games in Gameplay, Length, Content, and replay value.. With the exception of a handfull of shooters.. (Gears, Halo 3, COD4, Orange Box, Bioshock, Mass Effect) Mostly all 360 shooters..

I Hope to never hear something like that again..

Exhaust5212d ago (Edited 5212d ago )

@OC ShockValue

Your point about highly rated hardcore games is a valid one but what do they have this year? Just like the PS3 fans are touting their line up this year and how it will change things what does the Wii have?

Brawl and Mario Kart. Both come out early this year. After that name one game...

I have to agree with Black. I own all three systems and my Wii is by far the least played of them all. And I've played every game you listed (obviously except Brawl) and my 360 and PS3 still get far more play time.

Hardcore gamers aside what are they doing to keep casual gamers? Wii Fit? Come on.

Therefore my answer is NO the Wii cannot maintain its momentum. My prediction is a demand drop off around mid year... Even Nintendo knows its coming hence the hesitation in opening a new factory.

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