Pixelitis Picks: Historical periods we’d love to see in games

"Looking back through human history, it’s pretty amazing the things we as a species have been able to pull off. To think that fire and the wheel eluded us at one point, while right now there’s a nuclear-powered SUV driving around remotely on the surface of Mars, is staggering.

As an interactive medium, videogames have given us a chance to see bits and pieces of only our most recent history. Things like World War II and the Cold War are constantly brought up and referenced like it’s the only thing of importance that’s happened to us.

But what if we went even further? In the spirit of Ubisoft’s upcoming blockbuster Assassin’s Creed III, we’ve decided to come up with some interesting time periods that we think would make for a great game. We even give some ideas on what a game in that setting could be like right after the jump."

- Pixelitis Picks

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