Nintendo DS2: A Very Cool 3D Mock-up

From Gizmodo.com:

"Gizmodo reader Phil Nolan, a profesional 3D modeler and animator, got inspired by our Nintendo DS 2 mock-up and wish list and sent us his cool version of this dreamed-up third iteration of the Nintendo DS. It looks so yummy inside that I want to get it out for a date:"

GodsHand6005d ago

That's pretty sweet looking. Would be cool not having that film protector for the touch screen part.

Salvadore6005d ago

The PSP and DS still have a couple of years left before each company introduce their successors.

heyheyhey6005d ago

pretty cool mock-up actually

i like it- maybe it won't be as much of a flop as the DS (i am not reffering to sales so don't call me an idiot)

mintaro6005d ago (Edited 6005d ago )

where did it flop

heyheyhey6005d ago (Edited 6005d ago )

learn to read child- i told you that i wasn't reffering to sales

i just meant that the DS is a flop in my opinion because of the crappy graphics, crap games and almost no media capabilities and homebrew prospects


"the DS can do all the things a PSP can"

come on now- you know that's not true

mintaro6005d ago (Edited 6005d ago )

i know you stated that it did not flop in sales, thats why i asked where did it flop

PS360WII6005d ago (Edited 6005d ago )

yes I am disagreeing with you. DS has some of the best games out and no one can say they do not. Like all systems there are a few that are bad apples but they take nothing away from the amazing games that can be found so easily on the DS. The DS can do all the things PSP can as far as multimedia you just have to (gasp) homebrew it like most do on the PSP anyways. Yes the graphics are not as pretty but that doesn't stop the fact that this is one must have piece of hardware. Don't believe the lies the DS is an amazing machine

PS360WII6005d ago (Edited 6005d ago )

It can you just need to the R4 chip or the superlight whatever it's called. Okay it can't play ps1 elmulators but it can do tv, it can play tv shows/movies, it can store mp3's, it can play all old emulators from nintendo and genesis, it can to online, it can do pretty much all that the PSP can do plus it has a larger library of must own games found in stores.

Don't get me wrong I have a PSP as well and think it's great but just doesn't match point for point what the DS brings to the table

Reggie Fils- Aime6005d ago

PS360WII is correct- the Nintendo DS is the most complete and innovatice hand held on the market with its outstanding software and value

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Ri0tSquad6005d ago

Mario Kart for the arcade was terrible.

sanjay096005d ago

put some analog sticks and its ready but i think nintendo will ever make that

redninja6005d ago

I agree. Nintendo would never make that. They need to cater to their new demographic: small children and the elderly. That means durable plastic shell, larger buttons, and a slightly larger screen.

KeiZka6005d ago

Vash the Stampede inequals red ninja. Vash the Stampede is way more cooler in every possible way.

Also, how insightful. Funny then how I see 20 year old females getting the handheld...? Y'know, something certain other machines can't brag with.

redninja6005d ago

My observation was a generality, of course. Certainly others purchase the DS, but there is a disproportionate number of young children and old people who also happen to own the device.

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TiredGamer21d ago

Fantastic homage to a memorable part of the original. The authenticity to the source material is outstanding and blows away all of the pathetic Hollywood adaptations that we've had to endure as fans. The addition of Chris Redfield's original actor AND (separate) voice actor is fantastic! Heck, even the CGI was pretty good given the total budget of $55k to make this.

Babadook720d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Yeah this seemed so much more like cannon to me. I’d watch more of it if / when it’s available.


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