Need For Speed Most Wanted looks like Burnout?

Suck My Trend - Is it just me, or does the new Need for Speed Most Wanted Game look just like Burnout? We analyse this situation on our website.


Just an update for you guys. I didn't realise that this game was being made by the same guys as made Burnout. I thought it was another EA title. Apologies for not reading into this. Thanks for the comments.

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GuruStarr782811d ago

Trust me, that's a good thing..

KangarooSam2810d ago

I hope you're joking. Underground 2 and the original Most Wanted still are THE shit. Two great games.

SOD_Delta2810d ago

LOL Two "Old" NFS's. NFS has been really lackluster these past seven years.

I hope someday NFS can return to it's former glory.

KangarooSam2810d ago


Well obviously the franchise is shit now haha hopefully this game can revive it, somehow.

wastedcells2810d ago

Need for speed hot pursuit 2 for ps2 was the best one by far.

MaxXAttaxX2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

It doesn't matter if they're "old" to you. I am currently playing the original Most Wanted and it still holds up.
This new Most Wanted game had the chance to go back to what made those games good and improve on them. But they f***d it up!

The developers are focusing too much on online and social features with too much emphasis on high jumps and constant crashing.
They keep avoiding the subject of car customization because there isn't any! That was a key element in the Underground games and MW.

I do NOT want Burnout with licensed cars. I want a Need For Speed game that does justice to the original title, Most Wanted.

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Welshy2809d ago

To me, it's Burnout Paradise 2: Licensed Cars Edition. That is beyond question an overwhelmingly good thing.

Critereon know how to make a damn good racer, really liked NFS: Hot Pursuit too.

Burnout Paradise was easily the best racer to have fun with your buddies over PSN/XBL this gen.

The hype train has officially swept me up, it's been too long since the quenched my Burno.. ahem "NFS" thirst =P

MaxXAttaxX2808d ago

I agree that it's a good thing, but only if you're looking for a new Burnout game.

However, if you're looking for a successor to the original Most Wanted, with the ability to fully customize your cars and race, this isn't the game. It has too much focus on high jumps and crashing for an NFS game.

live2play2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

is this person clueless or something?

its being made BY CRITERION
the makers of BURNBOUT

its supposed to be need for speed x burnout

real cars and crashes

WiiStation_3602810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

FINALLY someone that knows!
Good job, sir.

MaxXAttaxX2810d ago

You say that like it's a good thing.
Just because they're the makers of Burnout, doesn't mean they should turn another franchise into something it's not.

This game is nothing like the original Most Wanted. It has little emphasis on the actual racing and underground elements and too much emphasis on high jumps and crashing.
WHERE is all the customization that made the original games great!?

Again, this isn't Need For Speed Most Wanted. It's just Burnout with licensed cars. This game is a lie.
Why couldn't they just be honest and MAKE AN ACTUAL BURNOUT GAME instead of just using licensed cars and slapping the Need For Speed name on it to attract better sales.

searchbuzz2810d ago

Apologies. I did not know it was being made by Criterion, the makers of Burnout. I thought it was another EA Title. :)

live2play2810d ago

i always wanted need for speed to have crashes
i always wanted burnout to have real cars

AusRogo2810d ago

I don't see a problem with that!

PhoenixRising372810d ago

the article headline should really say: "Will the NFS game actually be good this year ?"

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