X06: Lost Planet trailer

Surprise! A brand new Lost Planet trailer was snuck in on the Marketplace a few hours ago. Basically it's an extended version of the TGS trailer, and of course it rocks. Some text is in french, it only says that a multiplayer demo will be available this winter.

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TheMART5912d ago

Yup, just downloaded and watched the trailer on my 360 and in the end it says:

"multiplayer demo will be available this winter"

Yeah! Man that would be damn nice to view the MP part. Exclusive on 360 isn't it a beauty!!!

Evil5911d ago

Nice try ,you can download them again under the gamertag you bought them under for free.

DC RID3R5911d ago

is shaping up to be TRULY amazing!!!!!!
the visuals are absolutely stunning to say the least!!!!
makes mgs look very stiff in comparison!!!!
Lost planet and GOW are setting the standard for 2nd person shooters!!!!!!!