The Nintendo 3DS’ Other Problem Appears To Be The DS

Nintendo says the 3DS' sales in the U.S. are "weaker" than hoped. Experts will blame everything from the popularity of gaming on tablets and phones to a not-yet-overwhelmingly-great software line-up for the 3DS.

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darthv722814d ago

the PS3. In all honesty, any time you have a superior product on the market at the same time as a previous model, you run the risk of people clamoring for that cheaper older model.

It all comes down to marketing. No doubt people are buying the cheaper ds and games more so than buying it for its GBA abilities. Both nintendo and sony have a habit of prolonging the previous platform when they really want nothing more than to sell their newer more expensive model.

Nintendo has made some great efforts in getting people to switch but they missed one. flat out discontinuing the ds all together. Doing that does not all of a sudden invalidate the games as they can be played on the dsi and 3ds.

Xof2814d ago

The same was said about the PS3, particularly when Sony began removing features.

And of the Vita.

The only consoles that have escaped these problems have been successors to flops--the Wii, the 360.

3-4-52814d ago

VITA & 3DS need the games that the DS & PSP had.

Haki11122814d ago

Vita need games period dont get me wrong MGS, Gravity Rush, and UC:GA was fun but damn thats it really

kingPoS2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

More games! They both need moar gamez!!