Nintendo fires back at Foxconn over child labor controversy

Nintendo has made a second, more detailed statement regarding the child labor scandal at Foxconn. They say Foxconn has taken care of the issue and that Foxconn will stay in touch with Nintendo to make sure this doesn't happen again

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Dark_Overlord2815d ago

As if Foxconn actually care, or any of the companies that they manufacture for.

Its been well publicised for years about the basic disregard for human rights at the Foxconn plants, eventually leading to staff suicides. If any company actually cared about how the workers were/are being treated, they would definitely not use Foxconn.

Then again, Foxconn aren't the only ones guilty of this, they're just the most publicised about.

knifefight2815d ago

It's that news cycle thing where it's not NEW, but it's the cool new thing to report about.