Silent Hill: Book of Memories (Pocket Gamer)

Of the many great things about the Silent Hill series down the years, possibly the last thing you'd be inclined to wax lyrical about is the game's clunky combat.

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Cam9772821d ago

This reflects my feelings of the game.

Miguelitons2821d ago

So now we have reviews between 4/10 to 9/10 ... this is why reviews don't matter anymore, it's the personal taste that matters. My advice: try the demo of Silent Hill: Book of Memories and see if you like it or not. I actually like it a lot.

RubyToTheMax2820d ago

I thought it was pretty garbage.

Why the f**k do I have to press X everytime I want to open a door? Why does it seem like every Zone is the same, except with different room structures? This game is repetitive as hell, and for it being my first Silent Hill, I am very disappointed with the whole experience.