GTA V vs GTA San Andreas: Evolution of GTA franchise in Eight Years

A period of Eight years is a long time, with respect to gaming industry it almost represent a gap between two generations, isn't it?. The time period between GTA: San Andreas (launched way back in 2004) and GTA V is same (EIGHT Years). We have some comparison screenshots between these two game "Grand Theft Auto V vs San Andreas" showing evolution of GTA franchise in these eight years.

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Raiz2819d ago

not impressive on what all things??.....

Cam9772819d ago


Simco8762819d ago

Pretty amazing, can't wait for this game.

JAM_brz2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Great comparirions... hope the gameplay and fun looks the same or best than San Andreas

Can´t wait too!

crimsonfox2819d ago

I love how this is a total ripoff of a article from 9 hours ago

Raiz2819d ago

these comparison screenshots are available on various fan made GTA forums and websites...........

crimsonfox2819d ago

I understand...but these are the exact same images, this "author" just translated everything. Lazy is all im saying

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