OPM UK Resistance 2 Scans

jontay1, a user on the gametrailers.com forums has posted some scans of the upcoming title Resistance 2. The scans are from the latest issue of OPM UK.

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Joey Gladstone6006d ago (Edited 6006d ago )

Honestly when a company that always delivers Top Grade A Products like Insomniac says that theyve actually improved upon a AAA 90% or above average rating game like Resistance 1 what negative is there to say at all??? This could be the GOTY 08' and a first day purchase for me....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

f7ss16006d ago

i have the feeling im gonna spend waaayyy too much time playing this online, i played the first one online a ton

sonarus6006d ago

what i like most is the 60 player online and the 8 player coop. Some ppl still say 60player online will be too random but no one can deny 8player coop. This is the ps3's yr. Getting ready to outsell 360 in UK they really need to push it though

Bazookajoe_836006d ago

But it had it´s flaws, i think this one is gonna be freakin awsome =)

f7ss16006d ago

look at the second scan down, how that bridge is on fire and crumbling in the backround. if thats in game then thats the kinda stuff that will set it apart graphically from anything else like it.

games4fun6006d ago

i want to fight that giant alien ship in the sky in game

sonarus6006d ago

i'm a big fan of boss battles and i am glad they are being included in resistance. Hopefully we will see bosses in the online coop as well. I am still waiting for info on killzone but i heard killzone 2 has bosses as well as mini bosses. KZ2 shouldnt be shunned so quickly by you all but it is nice to knw the 2 top shooters for the yr are exclusive:)

Whoooop6006d ago

I'm starting to think that this game might be released before KZ2.

TheExecutive6006d ago

i still have hope that kz2 will release in august. I think i may be wrong though :(

f7ss16006d ago

i find it worth pointing out how fast they're churning this game out compared to killzone 2. i think we might even have as much media for this game as we do for killzone 2

games4fun6006d ago

to do is release a video of gameplay and they will have caught up to killzone 2 media

mighty_douche6006d ago

GG has built their engine from scratch, where as R2 runs on an updated verion of the R&C engine (which in turn was an updated verion from R1).

I think KZ2 is further along than we're lead to believe, im hoping GDC can prove this *crosses fingers*

Whoooop6006d ago (Edited 6006d ago )

Don't get me wrong...

I really don't care which come first, because we are going to play both sooner or later, but I wish KZ releases soon..

I agree with you, KZ has to be further in development than we think. It's just that Imsomniac with an already build engine or not, is just insane in development..

It's amazing how fast they are creating this game despite not being from scratch and looking to be an impressive jewel..

f7ss16006d ago

im thinking that as well

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Kaz Hirai6006d ago

When playing the AAAAAA title Resistance 2, just pretend the Chimera are Xbot PIGS! This will increase your accuracy and concentration!


spandexxking6006d ago

haha kaz you krazy kat your propaganda never fails to make me laugh

TruthBTold6006d ago

LMAO...dude.. in the words of "eskeleto" (Nacho Libre), "yuurrree krrazziee