How the Wii U Converted a Nintendo Skeptic

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece on how someone who was very skeptical of the Wii U by Nintendo was won over by the unit.

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TheLyonKing2817d ago

Am still not convinced, I will most likely be using the pro controller.

2817d ago
millzy1022817d ago

what's the point in you buying a wii u if your not going to embrace the game pad your better off sticking with or buying a console with traditional imput if that's the case (ps3 or crappy Xbox). the Wii u is all about the gamepad and dual screen/asymmetrical gameplay it like buying a toaster but you don't eat toast its pointless.

SIdepocket2817d ago

The Nintendo games, that's the point.

andibandit2817d ago ShowReplies(1)
eferreira2817d ago

buy a nintendo wii u, then a pro controller and an external hdd. This will be an expensive launch console. I may wait on this one.

newn4gguy2817d ago

Even after reading it, I'm confused. I love Nintendo...and I'm still not picking this thing up at launch. I'm going to wait for other franchises like Metroid or Donkey Kong Country.

I was holding out hope for a Wario Ware as good as Smooth Moves, but Frobisher Says is out now...and it's kind of awesome.

newn4gguy2817d ago

It's interesting to see Nintendo fans coming out of the woodwork. Lol. Where were all of you guys from 2006 until now?

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